Current & Ongoing Investigations

Learn more about the current and ongoing investigations by Hofmann & Schweitzer, including investigations of injuries resulting from construction, maritime and railroad accidents.

Anthem of the Seas Passenger Claims, February 2016

Hofmann & Schweitzer is assisting passengers injured on the Anthem of the Seas with the filing of their claims. Cruise Lines often have Notice of Claim and Jurisdiction Limitations that can limit the time period and location where you can bring your claim. If you have been injured during the cruise contact our office immediately to protect your rights.

Pt. Pleasant Fisherman's Untreated Illness, January 2014

Commercial fisherman are often taken advantage of by the captain and owners of the vessels. Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating the circumstances surrounding a Pt. Pleasant fisherman who was told that the company is not responsible for medical bills because the incident did not occur on the boat, it occurred on the dock while in the employment of the vessel owner, but manifested itself on the boat. He was denied maintenance and cure because the company classified the incident as a illness. If an illness occurs on the boat, the seafarer is entitled to maintenance and cure and possibly other remedies. In this case our client was stung by an insect and developed an infection. The vessel had no first aid supplies and our client had to use a shirt to clean out the puss and blood. The captain refused to bring our client to shore to receive treatment. As a result he spent many months recovering and has a permanent scar. He will continue to have future medical problems. Don’t always believe what you are told by your employer; consult a qualified maritime lawyer if you have any questions.

The Statue of Liberty Cruise Ships, January 2014

The Statue of Liberty Cruise ships provide a valuable service to the public wanting to visit Ellis Island. The company operating the boats has an obligation to provide a safe vessel but unfortunately that is not always the case. Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating an accident by a crew member who slipped and fell on a slippery deck while putting out the gangway, causing him to sustain knee and back injuries. The Statue Cruise vessel deck was worn out from the rubbing of the gangway along the deck. There are many accidents on the Statue Cruise vessels involving gangways and slick decks.

Atlantic Cape Fisheries, January 2014

Atlantic Cape Fisheries is a NJ company doing business in Alaska. The dangers of fishing on the Berring Sea have been brought to life via the Discovery Channel reality show "Deadliest Catch". Commercial fishermen have one of the most dangerous jobs in the country, but that does not relieve the company of providing a safe place to work. Our client was injured in the engine room when he slipped on hydraulic fluid. It had been leaking for several months. Hofmann & Schweitzer is not only investigating the accident but they are also investigating causation with regards to a underlying cyst on his brain. Sometimes trauma can cause serious problems and only a qualified physician can sort out causation.

Moran Tug, January 2014

There are many factors that go into investigating an accident on a vessel. Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating an accident that occurred on a Moran Tug while tying up to the dock in Staten Island, NY. Sometimes experts are needed to board the vessel and inspect the location of the accident. Hofmann & Schweitzer employs many experts who help to explain to a jury the regulations that may have been violated. Often the company does not advise its employees of their rights under the Jones Act to recover for damages they sustained as a result of the negligence or unseaworthiness of the vessel.

D'Onofrio General Contracting Corp., December 2013

Our client was employed by D’Onofrio General Contracting Corp. as a construction worker working on a pier at the ongoing refurbishment of the Maritime Museum in Manhattan, NY. He was attempting to board a work barge. He climbed over the railing. There was no proper gangway to the barge. He stepped on a plank of the deck. The plank was unsecured and the plank flipped and dislodged causing the claimant to fall and injure himself. In addition to receiving workers compensation, Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating his rights to bring a claim under NY Labor Law §§ 200, 240 and 241(6). He sustained serious back injuries which have prevented him from returning to work. In order to preserve evidence, Hofmann & Schweitzer filed an Order to Show Cause against the Battery Park City Authority to allow us and our expert to inspect the property.

Kenny Construction Corp., November 2013

Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating an accident that occurred to a machine operator with Local 825 who was working for Global Environmental Solutions, Inc. who had a contract with Kenny Construction Corp. He was operating a skidder when the mats became hung up in a dip in the road and the skidder fell backwards shooting straight up into the air and crashed back down causing severe injuries to his back consisting of herniated discs.

Town of Brookhaven, September 2013

The condition of the Fire Island Water Taxi landing area in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY is being investigated by the firm of Hofmann & Schweitzer. While on the dock our client, an employee of the Fire Island Water Taxi, stepped onto the dock and its deteriorated and defective planks crumbled under his foot, causing him to slip, fall and be severely injured by reason of the negligence, recklessness and carelessness of the Town of Brookhaven, its agents, servants, contractors, sub-contractors, employees and/or licensees in the ownership, operation, control, repair and maintenance of said dock in causing, permitting and/or allowing said dock at the aforementioned location to be, become and remain in a dangerous and hazardous condition, constituting a trap, nuisance, hazard and in failing to repair or replace deteriorating planks. Upon information and belief the Town of Brookhaven had prior notice of the abovementioned conditions and neglected to make necessary, reasonable and timely repairs to correct said condition. Since the Town of Brookhaven owned the dock, it was necessary to file a notice of claim against the Town within a certain time period. Whenever someone is injured because of the fault of a public entity it is important to file your notice of claim as soon as possible.

Domino Sugar Refinery (American Sugar Group), September 2013

Longshoremen are sometimes entitled to bring a claim against a 3rd party when they are injured on the job. Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating the claim of a foreman at the Domino Sugar Refinery (American Sugar Group) in Yonkers, NY. He is a member of the ILA. They were unloading the M/V Balsa 82 which was docked at the refinery’s dock. As the gangway was lifted off the deck of the vessel one of the cables jerked and the gangway came down about 8 feet. As he reached for the gangway he slipped on the wet deck. The deck of the vessel was very slippery and the surface was polished steel. There is no nonskid down on the deck. He sustained a separated AC joint.

Loreconcrete, LLC, September 2013

Long Island City in NY is a booming area for construction of new hotels and buildings, but the safety of the construction worker is often overlooked. Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating the construction of one of those hotels. A carpenter employed by Loreconcrete, LLC, was working on the floor below when a co-worker on the floor above him, who was handling a 4' x 8' 5/8" plywood sheet, lost his grip or otherwise caused the plywood sheet to fall and it struck our client in the shoulder and neck causing severe injuries. The evidence from our investigation establishes prima facie evidence that plaintiff's injuries were proximately caused, at least in part, by defendants' failure to provide him with proper protection as required by Labor Law § 240(1)

Cape May Ferry, September 2013

The Cape May Ferry from Cape May, NJ to Lewis, DE is a pleasant way to get to popular beach locations in both areas. As an Assistant Engineer on the M/V New Jersey Ferry you are at the command of the Chief Engineer who is responsible for the operation of the vessel. Part of the duties of the Chief Engineer is providing a safe place for the crewmembers to work. This was not the case for our client who was in the process of checking gauges when he tripped over a raised floor plate. After the accident, the company remedied the dangerous condition by pounding down the plates, but too late for our client who sustained a fractured elbow. There is no excuse for the floor plates to be sticking up causing a trip hazard. Under maritime law, our client will be entitled to a recovery for his lost wages, medical bills and pain & suffering.

Mobil Oil Company, July 2013

Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating a possible Pulmonary Disease Claim against Mobil Oil Company when employees were exposed to toxic substances at various maritime work sites. If anyone has suffered pulmonary disease while working at various work sites you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are statute of limitation periods that will run from the time you discover that you suffer from your illness. You can contact Hofmann & Schweitzer at 212-465-8840.

K-SEA DBL Barge 32 at Kirby Marine Dock, July 2013

Paul Hofmann and his investigator, Lou Parise, inspect the K-SEA DBL Barge 32 at Kirby Marine Dock in Staten Island, NY. At Hofmann & Schweitzer, we go out and personally visit the accident location to get a better understanding of how the accident happened. As they say, a picture says a thousand words and the same is so true when investigating a personal injury claim. We spare no expense in investigating your case so that the jury will fully understand the mechanism of the injury.

Gibson and Cushman Dredging, July 2013

Timothy Schweitzer is investigating the circumstances surrounding a pleasure vessel striking an unmarked dredge pipe by Gibson and Cushman Dredging causing severe injuries.

National Grid and Keyspan, July 2013

Dario Chinigo and his investigator, Lou Parise, visited the home of a new client in Brooklyn, NY who suffered serious injuries including a fractured ankle in 3 places. While there, they were able to interview witnesses, take photos of the accident site and identify potential defendants, National Grid and Keyspan, who negligently left a opening in a ditch which our client fell into. There were no warnings indicating that there was an open ditch. If you have been injured on city property or by the fault of a utility company you must contact a lawyer as soon as possible. The City and certain utility companies have notice of claims that must be filed in a very short period of time. If you do not file the notice of claim you may not be able to obtain a recovery for your injuries.