New York City Manhole Fall Injures Brooklyn Boy

New York City Manhole Fall Injures Brooklyn Boy

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Posted on Feb 02, 2014

The Department of Environmental Protection is reportedly investigating why a manhole cover was missing in Borough Park, Brooklyn, last month. The New York Times reports that the missing manhole cover led to a 10-year-old boy’s injuries.

Reports of the accident indicate that 10-year-old Moshe Altman was crossing the street at 13 th Avenue and 49 th Street in Borough Park when he fell into an uncovered New York City manhole at around 8:45 a.m. on Tuesday January 14, 2014.

Moshe allegedly fell more than 12 feet into a dark tube with brick walls. A police officer was allegedly at the scene because the police department had been notified of the missing manhole cover. Moshe was reportedly hanging on to the side of the tube when two Verizon workers joined the police officer. The workers report being concerned that the sewer water would rise and either drown Moshe or sweep him away. Accordingly, they lowered a ladder into the hole and advised Moshe to slowly climb out. Moshe was reportedly able to do so on his own and suffered bruises and lacerations requiring stitches from this accident.

New York City manhole fall injuries are rare. However, the New York City Fire Department does reportedly respond to many calls each year about broken manhole covers or manholes that are emitting smoke. In 2013, there were 1,793 manhole incidents reported.

Our New York City fall injury lawyers wish Moshe a fast and complete recovery from his Borough Park fall injuries and congratulate the Verizon cable splicers on their quick thinking in saving this young child.

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