Did Your Construction Safety Training Injure You

What to Do if You’re Hurt During a Construction Safety Training

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

Maybe you had already been working for this construction employer for years and you were participating in routine training on your Jersey City construction site when the accident happened. Or maybe you hadn’t yet started work and you were participating in initial training before being assigned to a Hoboken construction project. Either way, you were hurt in a training that was meant to keep you safe.

And You May Have the Right to Recover

Your right to recover damages may be the same whether you were injured during training or while you were doing any other part of your job. Accordingly, it is important that you:

  • Report the accident to your employer as soon as possible. Failure to report the accident could impact your potential recovery through the worker’s compensation system.
  • Get the medical care that you need and follow your doctor’s orders. This is primarily important to your physical recovery, but it could also have a significant impact on your legal recovery.
  • Talk to a construction lawyer. You want to make sure that you are doing everything necessary to protect your legal rights. You do not want to risk your potential recovery because of a mistake.

These three steps could help you recover from an accident injury that occurs during your construction safety training and help you reduce the stress that can occur after a construction accident.

Do You Have More Questions?

We recognize that this can be a very confusing time for you and we have more answers. You deserve to know what your potential compensation could be for your injuries, and you deserve to protect your legal rights to recover that compensation. You can learn more by watching our free videos, reading our free informational brochure, “Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone,” and by contacting us directly for an initial consultation today.