Do You Know the Truth About Recovering From NY Construction Injuries

Who Can You Trust After a New York Construction Accident Injury?

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

You are hearing a lot of things about your rights and your possible recovery after your New York construction accident. What’s true? Who can you trust? How can you protect your immediate recovery and your future recovery?

Don’t Believe the Myths – Instead Get the Facts

Before you can make a fair recovery you need to understand what a fair recovery really is pursuant to New York law. A fair recovery is not necessarily the same recovery that your employer, or your employer worker’s compensation insurance company offers you. The insurance company in a workers’ comp case, or the defendant in a personal injury action are going to try to minimize your recovery so that they pay less to you. They can not necessarily be trusted to provide you with a fair recovery – regardless of what they say to you.

Instead, a fair recovery may include full compensation for all of your outstanding medical expenses and a portion of your lost income. If you have been hurt by a third party, then your compensation may occur outside of the workers’ compensation system, and include damages for your emotional suffering and other losses. You deserve to know the facts about your possible recovery and you don’t have to rely on what others with competing interests may tell you.

Call a New York Construction Accident Attorney for Help

You don’t have to wade through the information provided to you and figure out what is true and what is not all by yourself. Instead, you have the right to consult with an experienced New York construction accident lawyer whom you can trust and who knows how to protect the rights of injured construction workers.

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