Don't Go Back to the Construction Site Too Soon

Don’t Let a Construction Employer Manipulate You Into Going Back to Work Too Soon

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

Your employer may say something like this:

  • Please come back to work now. You will feel better if you get back to your regular routine.
  • Please come back to work now. We can’t finish the job on time and on budget without you.
  • Please come back to work now. The other guys are talking about you. You know you aren’t really hurt.
  • Please come back to work now. There will be no job for you if you wait and I will make sure you are blackballed in the industry.
  • Please come back to work now. You have no other way to earn money.

Regardless of the specific words your employer uses, it is your employer’s goal to get you back to work as soon as possible even if your doctor recommends that you recover at home.

Why the Pressure?

There may be several reasons why your employer is pressuring you to come back to work before you have medical clearance. Those reasons may include:

  • An attempt to limit your claim. If you go back to work then you may not be as badly hurt as you claim.
  • Pressure to finish the project. Your employer may really want you back on the job because you are a talented construction worker who is valuable to the project.

Of course, other reasons may apply given the specific circumstances of your accident and your job. However, the reason doesn’t matter as much as your wellbeing.

Your Employer Doesn’t Get to Make This Decision

Instead, it is ultimately you who decides when to go back to work. Of course, you should be making this decision based on sound medical advice and you shouldn’t take advantage of the situation. Rather, you should return to work when it is safe for you to do so without significant pain and without jeopardizing your health or your recovery.

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