How to Recover From a Broken Rib Suffered While at Sea

Three Hints for Recovering From a Broken Rib After a Maritime Accident

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

As soon as your feet slipped you knew that you were in trouble. The wave that hit your boat, the slippery deck, or the piece of equipment that you were trying to dodge caused you to lose your footing and fall hard against the deck of your boat. It may have been difficult to take a deep breath or turn around immediately after your fall. You knew something was wrong and a crew member on your commercial vessel made plans to get you back to land as soon as possible.

But Now What?

Now, the pain of a broken rib may continue for quite some time. It might interfere with your ability to get back to your job at sea and many other daily activities. It is important that you stay in control of both your physical and financial recovery so that you can heal properly and get back to work safely. To that end, it is important to:

  • Get medical treatment. Medical treatment can help control your pain and prevent complications. A broken rib that is left untreated can lead to serious complications—such as a punctured aorta, lung, or other internal organ. Additionally, you may be at an increased risk for developing pneumonia.
  • Not to go back to work too soon. This could interfere with your physical recovery.
  • Understand your legal rights. You may be able to recover damages for things such as your medical expenses and living expenses if you have suffered a broken rib while working a maritime job.

What you do after suffering a broken rib is up to you, but it is important to know that you don’t have to manage your recovery alone.

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