How to Recover From a Tailbone Injury at Sea

How to Heal Your Tailbone Injury After a Fall on Deck

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

The pain is impacting everything that you do. It is difficult to sit, it is difficult to move, and it is even hard to use the bathroom. The pain that you are feeling at the bottom of your spinal cord, or in your tailbone, is intense and constant. You have one goal now and that is to recover so that you can get back to work and to life.

It Is Important to Take the Right Steps Toward Recovery

You don’t want to be in pain one more day than you have to be. Accordingly, it is important to actively take steps to recover from your injury. You may, for example:

  • Get an accurate diagnosis of what is causing your pain. You need to know if the pain is being caused by a bad bruise, a dislocation, or a break, and you need to confirm that the pain is coming from your tailbone.
  • Talk to your doctor about treatment options. Treatment options may include rest, physical therapy, medication, and surgery.
  • Follow your treatment plan. Make sure that you are doing what your doctor wants you to do so that you don’t make your recovery period longer or cause your injuries to become permanent.
  • Do not go back to work before you are safely able to do so. This can be one of the things that jeopardizes your recovery.

You may also talk to a lawyer about your legal options.

Because You Shouldn’t Be Stuck With the Bill

The costs of a tailbone injury can add up quickly. Do not let financial pressure cause you to go back to work too soon or to make decisions that are not in your best interest medically. Instead, find out what you can do to protect your legal rights if you have been hurt while doing your job at sea.

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