Preventing Forklift Accidents and Protecting Recoveries

How to Avoid a Forklift Accident

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

Whether you are working road construction on the Staten Island Expressway, residential or business construction at the New Stapleton Waterfront, or working on another Staten Island construction site, you may need to know about the risks of forklift accidents and injuries. Forklifts may be necessary tools on your construction site, but they are also potentially dangerous machines that can result in serious accident injuries or, worse, death.

Tips for Avoiding Injury in a Forklift Accident

We won’t go into all of the numerous ways that forklifts accidents can happen right now. Instead, we will give you three basic tips that you can use to try to avoid getting hurt in a Staten Island forklift accident. Specifically, you can:

  • Insist on proper training. Only trained and competent operators should be using forklifts. If you have questions about training or competency then you should talk to your supervisor.
  • Keep an eye out for regular inspections. There should be some inspection every day that a forklift is in use. If you don’t see this happening then you should ask questions about it to make sure that it is occurring.
  • Report forklift loaders, operators, and other workers who aren’t following the rules. There are specific rules for loading, unloading, and operating forklifts. Anyone who is not following those rules may be putting you and others in danger and should be reported.

These tips may be successful in protecting you, and we hope that they are, but we also know that sometimes accidents still happen.

You Can Also Protect Yourself If You’ve Been Hurt

If you have been hurt in a forklift accident then you should begin protecting your rights today. You can get started right now by learning more about your rights. Please download a free copy of our brochure, Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone, and watch our free videos to learn more.