Surprising Results of New Construction Safety Study

NY and NJ Construction Workers Need to Know Surprising Results of New Safety Study

Paul Hofmann
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It would seem logical that the states with the most fatal construction accidents are also the states with the most non-fatal construction accident injuries. However, that was not the finding of a recent study conducted by the RAND Corporation and published in the April 2012 American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

The findings of the study are important for construction workers and employers throughout the country and here in New York and New Jersey. Construction accident injuries, whether fatal or not, deserve to be reported to employers, to government safety agencies, and to New York construction accident attorneys.

What the Study Found About Reporting of Fatal and Non-Fatal Construction Accidents

The study found that the states that reported the most fatal construction accident injuries were also the states that reported the fewest non-fatal construction accident injuries. The inverse was also true, so that the states that had the most non-fatal construction accident injuries had the fewest construction accident related deaths.

The discrepancies were reportedly surprising to researchers. Some of the potential reasons for the discrepancy may include differences in:

  • State workers compensation laws
  • Unionization
  • Pay
  • Compliance with federal and state safety regulations
  • Cultural differences
  • Reporting requirements, and incentives for reporting non-fatal injuries
  • Other factors

Regional differences were noted with the reporting of non-fatal injuries found to be highest in the western United States where unions are typically strong.

How to Contact a New York Construction Accident Lawyer for Help

Regardless of whether your non-fatal injury was reported correctly to government agencies, it is important for you to report your injury to a New York construction injury lawyer. Your lawyer can investigate what happened to you and make sure that your rights and potential recovery are protected.

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