Getting Your Child the Best Treatment for a Serious Burn

My child recently suffered third degree burns in a fire. What kind of treatment does he need and how will I pay for it?

Things can be confusing in the aftermath of a traumatic fire that left your child with significant third-degree burns. As you sit by his bedside, grateful that he is alive, you wonder what kind of treatments he will need and how you will afford them.

Treatments for Children With Third Degree Burns

Every burn injury is unique. Only your child’s doctor can provide you with the treatment plan that is right for your child. Your child’s age, location of the burn, the size of the burn, general health, and other factors will be important in the doctor’s recommended treatment plan.

However, according to the University of Rochester Medical Center the following treatments may be important for a child with third degree burns:

  • IV fluids and antibiotics
  • A warm, humid environment
  • Pain medication
  • Skin grafting
  • Reconstruction surgery
  • Other in-patient and outpatient treatments

These treatments may be expensive and your health insurance may not fully cover all of the costs. Additionally, you may lose time from work—and income—to care for your hurt child. This can create a significant financial burden and possible barrier to your child’s recovery.

But There May Be Help Available

You may have the right to pursue legal damages on behalf of your child so that you can pay for his past, current and future medical needs and other expenses your family has incurred as a result of the fire. Please browse the free resources available on this website or call us directly to find out more about what you can do to protect your child and get him the treatment he needs.