Im Not Happy With the Lawyer Who Is Currently Handling My Maritime Injury Case Can I Call You


I'm not happy with the lawyer who is currently handling my maritime injury case. Can I call you?


Yes. As an injured maritime worker, you have the right to decide who will represent you. As a New York Jones Act attorney, I receive calls from injured maritime workers who have questions about their case. Sometimes, the workers have already hired another lawyer, but are finding that their general practice lawyer doesn't have experience handling maritime cases or that their first choice was simply not a good match.

While, our lawyers can't promise that we will have the answers that you want or that we can do anything more than your current attorney has already done, we can promise that we will listen to you. If we believe that you have a maritime claim for which you may be entitled to damages, then we will talk about whether or not you should change attorneys.

Remember, you are unlikely to get a second chance at a recovery for your maritime injuries once a settlement has been reached or a verdict has been entered in your case. Thus, it is important to call an experienced New York Jones Act lawyer as soon as you've been injured, or if you have any hesitation about your current representation.

For more information, please call a New York maritime lawyer at 1-800-3-MAY-DAY.