I'm a New York Home Construction Worker and I've Been Having a Lot of Pain in My Lower Back Rec

I’m a New York home construction worker, and I’ve been having a lot of pain in my lower back recently. My employer said that it is just a soft tissue injury, that I’m not really hurt, and that I don’t have a workers’ compensation claim. It sure doesn’t feel that way to me. What can I do?

Only part of what your employer told you may be true. Your injury may be a soft tissue injury. For example, you may have strained the muscles in your lower back. Of course, you should see a doctor to confirm the cause of your pain.

If, however, your employer is right, and you have suffered a soft tissue injury, then the rest of what your employer told you may not be accurate. You are hurt, and you may have the right to recover from workers’ compensation if your injury occurred at work.

According to the CDC, the average workers’ compensation recovery for a soft tissue back injury is about $25,000. Workers may be able to recover damages because soft tissue back injuries can interfere with their ability to work and earn an income. These types of injuries can also result in medical expenses.

Soft tissue back injuries can develop over time and may require a significant recovery period. Some workers may never fully recover. Accordingly, it is important to understand your legal rights and to take the steps necessary to protect those rights.

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