Is There Anything I Can Do if I Notice a Dangerous Condition at My New York City Hotel

Is there anything I can do if I notice a dangerous condition at my New York City hotel?
Yes. If you notice dangerous conditions at your New York City hotel then there are several steps that you can take to try to protect yourself from harm and to protect your potential recovery if you are injured.
Specifically, our New York slip and fall lawyers recommend that you:
  • Contact management. Tell a manager of the problem and ask that it be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Take pictures of the dangerous condition. This will help you identify the danger and can potentially be used as evidence if you bring a case later.
  • Be careful! Try to avoid the dangerous spot to the greatest extent possible and use extreme caution if there is no other choice but to be in the vicinity of the danger.
  • Ask for a refund and go stay somewhere else.

Finally, some dangers are not discovered until an injury has occurred. If you have been hurt, please contact an experienced New York slip and fall attorney today at 1-800-362-9329. The New York fall attorneys of Hofmann & Schweitzer would be pleased to provide you with a free consultation about your potential case and recovery.