Safety Inspections on Manhattan Construction Sites


How do I know if the safety inspectors hired by my New York construction employer are appropriately trained and doing their job correctly?


We understand your question. In July 2014, NBC New York and other news channels reported that two New York construction firms reportedly hired untrained people from the internet to perform required safety inspections on New York construction job sites. These untrained people allegedly included hairdressers, busboys, and others from outside the construction industry and they were paid less than a trained construction safety inspector would be paid to do the job.

This System May Have Put Construction Workers at Risk

Untrained safety inspectors may have put Manhattan construction workers at risk because they did not know how to inspect safety rails, scaffolding, safety nets, and other safety equipment. Whether you work on one of the approximately 40 sites that were affected by this particular problem, or not, you may wonder whether your Upper West Side, Midtown, or other Manhattan construction site is being appropriately inspected for safety.

Ask Questions

It is your safety that is at risk. It is you, or a coworker, who could be seriously or fatally injured in a fall or another type of construction accident. Accordingly, it is important to ask questions about who is doing the safety inspections on your job site. If you have questions about their qualifications then you may contact the New York City Department of Buildings.

Additionally, if you are hurt in a construction accident then you should continue to ask questions and demand answers. Please read our other FAQs, watch our free videos, and contact us directly via this website to learn more about your rights and possible recovery.