Why Providing Safety Equipment on a Boat Isn't Good Enough


My employer says he’s not responsible for my commercial fishing injury because he provided safety equipment. Does that mean I’m stuck paying the bills?


No, but it does mean three things. It may mean that:

  • Your employer does not understand his legal obligations.
  • Your employer does not accept his legal obligations or is trying to prevent your payment.
  • You are likely going to have to advocate for your full and fair recovery rather than expect that it will simply be provided to you.

If you don’t take action then it could mean that you are stuck paying the bills.

But It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Providing safety equipment does not change your employer’s obligation. Your employer is required to pay for your injuries if you are hurt while working on a commercial fishing boat on Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean or any other body of water. The fact that safety equipment was provided does not change your employer’s obligations to pay for your injuries.

If you don’t want to be stuck paying the bills then it is important to contact an experienced lawyer who knows how to negotiate with maritime insurers and who is not afraid to fight for justice.

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