Proven Attorneys For Your Premises Liability Claim

If you have suffered serious injuries on someone else's property, you could be entitled to compensation. Property owners are legally responsible for the safety of their properties, maintaining safe property conditions and fixing any dangerous areas in need of repair. However, property owners and their insurance carriers will not give you the compensation you deserve without legal action in most cases. Make sure you work with a legal team that has the experience and the reputation for winning cases of premises liability.

Lawyers from our New York City law firm, Hofmann & Schweitzer, have been helping injured clients obtain maximum compensation in their claims for more than 35 years. We take a strategic, aggressive approach by preparing every case for trial from the very beginning. We use this knowledge to negotiate favorable settlements and, when opposing parties do not make good settlement offers, winning our clients' cases at trial.

We handle all types of premises liability claims, including:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents: These are the most common premises liability claims, usually involving spilled food or liquids on the floors of grocery stores or restaurants.
  • Dangerous building conditions: We represent clients who have suffered accidents resulting from faulty handrails, stairways in disrepair, elevator malfunctions, dangerous floor conditions and other dangerous building conditions.
  • Negligent security claims: Since property owners are responsible for the safety and conditions of their premises, muggings and assaults that result from negligent security can lead to premises liability claims against the property owners.
  • Parking lot claims: Potholes, poorly conceived driving paths and other dangerous conditions in parking lots can lead to accidents and litigation claims.
  • Private property accident claims: Although most premises liability claims are against commercial property owners, accidents occur frequently on private properties, as well. We bring claims against insurance companies to obtain compensation for accidents resulting from stairway accidents, deck collapses, sidewalk and driveway slips, tree collapses and other accidents.
  • Municipal claims: Our lawyers also take on cities and other municipalities in claims involving accidents due to faulty roadways and sidewalks, and dangerous conditions in municipal buildings.

Do not wait. There is a statute of limitations on claims of this kind, so make sure you talk with a lawyer and get your case started right away.

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