Read What Our Clients Have to Say About Our Law Firm

Hofmann & Schweitzer has represented many clients within the state of New York and New Jersey. Our accident attorneys have been able to creatively and professionally assist and resolve many railroad, construction, maritime and personal injury cases. Read what our clients have to say about their time with Hofmann & Schweitzer.

Constructions Accidents Testimonials

I was a welder who got seriously injured on a construction site. As an alien in this country, I was afraid of contacting anyone about my accident. I wasn't familiar with my legal rights and one of my co-workers told me to talk to a lawyer at Hofmann & Schweitzer . They had Spanish speaking people at their office who helped me and kept me informed during the process. I was happy how the matter was resolved. I would recommend them to anyone who is seriously injured like I was. I had very serious injuries and the compensation they obtained for me will help me survive.

Yo era un soldador cuando me lesioné gravemente en una obra de construcción.Como un extranjero en este país, no estaba familiarizado con mis derechos, y temía comunicarme con alguien acerca del accidente. Un compa ero de trabajo me dijo que hablara con los abogados de la firma Hofmann y Schweitzer. Los contraté y ellos me mantuvieron informado durante todo el proceso. Yo estoy contento de la manera que se resolvió el asunto. Yo les recomiendo la firma de Hofmann y Schweitzer a cualquiera que esté gravemente lesionado cómo lo estuve yo. Tenía heridas muy graves y la compensación que se obtuvo me ayudará a sobrevivir.

  • Alex V.

I was injured doing construction in a cofferdam, and my employer filed a state compensation claim which paid me less than I was entitled to. I consulted with Tim Schweitzer at Hofmann & Schweitzer, and not only did he make sure I was paid under the Longshore Act, but he also told me that I could pursue a lawsuit because of the way I was injured. Both were very successfully and professionally handled.

  • Eric G.

Maritime Law Testimonials

In late September 2012 I set sail out of New London Conn. on the Tallship Bounty. We ran into hurricane Sandy off the coast of North Carolina. The ship sank and Sandy took the life of the Captain and another crew mate. While battling the storm I suffered a broken hand and other injuries. In time I hoped my hand would fully heal but the worst thing I suffered was PTSD. PTSD will not show up on an X-ray but it is very real and very debilitating.

The smartest thing I did was to contact Paul Hofmann with the law firm Hofmann & Schweitzer. He and his wonderful staff helped me in getting the medical and psychological help that I needed to start the healing process. Through very intense negotiations with the insurance company, Paul was able to get me a very fair settlement. This money will help me to continue the healing process.

I highly recommend Mr. Hofmann and his very dedicated and talented staff.

  • Chris B.

I settled my case for a confidential amount of money prior to trial. I was a dockbuilder injured when I fell from an elevated work platform onto the deck of a barge on a construction project. The elevated work platform was inadequate, it was not secured, it did not have railings and did not protect me from elevation-related hazards. The incident caused me to sustain multiple injuries, including a fractured left leg, a fractured left ankle and a dislocated left ankle. Timothy Schweitzer, an ex-dockbuilder himself, did an excellent job handling my case, and I was very happy with the result.

  • Edward G.

I was working on a friend's yacht as a deckhand. I had very little experience, and while tying up the boat to the dock I got my thumb caught in the bit. I lost the tip of my thumb. I had no idea what my rights were or if I was entitled to bring a lawsuit. I had no significant earnings as a deckhand. Paul Hofmann was very understanding and helped me throughout the process. He arranged transportation for me to doctor appointments and visits to the office. I was very happy with the results. With the settlement money I will be able get myself out of debt, my children through college and off public assistance. I can't thank Mr. Hofmann and his staff enough for his kindness and understanding.

  • Cynthia O.

My doctor told me in 2003 I could no longer work as a dockbuilder because I had asbestosis, COPD, asthma and emphysema. I applied for Social Security and my pension. I thought this would be the only thing I was entitled to. I knew that the 46 years I spent working in hazardous environments contributed to my disease but did not know what my rights were. I contacted the Law Firm of Hofmann & Associates and they were able to get me benefits under the Longshore Workers Compensation Act. After a long, hard-fought battle I collected 5 years of back-dated benefits. I was very happy with the way they fought for me keeping me apprised of what was happening every step of the way.

  • Karl D.

I sustained a serious back injury when I fell off an unsafe gangway on a barge. I consulted with other lawyers who told me I could not pursue a lawsuit. I met with Tim Schweitzer and he agreed to handle my lawsuit. I was extremely happy with the result.

  • Kevin B.

With a child on the way I was concerned about how I would support my family. I was injured on my first trip on a commercial fishing boat and was uncertain about my rights as a seaman. Paul Hofmann explained the process clearly, and he answered all my questions. Mr. Hofmann and his staff had a genuine concern about my well being; they even sent a gift when my baby was born. I was very happy with my settlement and have invested a portion of the funds in a new business.

  • James F.

Personal Injury Testimonials

I was a client of Timothy Schweitzer. He was a very hard diligent lawyer on a very complicated case. He would even go with me to my I.M.E. evaluations when my comp lawyer would not. He got us a decent settlement without going to trial. He is definitely a smart and take-no-BS type of lawyer. I rate him 5 stars.

  • Jeffrey

I was in a cab taking my cat to the veterinarian when a car that was parked alongside the curb pulled out in front of the cab and the two collided. I injured my shoulder and had therapy for several months. The doctor wanted to do surgery, but I could not afford to stay off work as a postal worker. I hired another firm but they could not answer my questions on what I should do. A friend of mine told me about Hofmann & Schweitzer, and from day one I know I made the right selection of lawyers. They helped me with obtaining pre-settlement financing, and I was able to get the surgery I needed. I was very happy with the way Dario Chinigo handled my case and the settlement I got. Everyone at the law firm was friendly and helpful during this difficult time in my life. I would recommend them to anyone who needs personalized service like I got with them.

  • Nina T.

I thought I could handle my case on my own, but after a year of frustration fighting with the claims adjustor, I turned my case over to Paul Hofmann. He understood what my family was going through and answered all my questions. I was involved in the settlement of my case, and it was not until I was happy with the settlement that the case got resolved shortly before trial. I would highly recommended the firm to anyone who is seriously injured like I was.

  • Charlie O.