Get Full Compensation For Your Work Injuries

Many people who suffer work-related injuries are reluctant to file workers' compensation claims. Some feel like they might be in trouble for filing claims or they not look as dedicated at work, so they just "tough it out" or absorb the costs of lost wages and medical bills on their own.

You deserve to be compensated. It is not personal: Your employer has a legal duty to maintain workers' compensation insurance to cover the costs of employee injuries, and you have a right to receive compensation if you've been hurt.

At Hofmann & Schweitzer, our workers' compensation lawyers have been helping injured workers throughout the five boroughs of New York City since 1977. From the very first time you file a claim to the time you receive the compensation you need, our attorneys can help you through the entire legal process.

We help clients in all types of accidents in all types of professions, including:

  • Construction accident claims: Being one among the most dangerous professions in America, construction work leads to many accidents and injury claims, including falls from ladders and scaffolds, burns and other related injuries.
  • Railroad accident claims: Railroad work is another dangerous profession. It is important to note that it is legally permissible for railroad workers to bring accident claims against their employers in addition to their workers' compensation claims.
  • Maritime accident claims: The Jones Act and Longshore & Harbor Workers Act are legal provisions that protect the rights of those who work on boats, both boat workers out on the water and those who work on shores and docks. The entire legal landscape is different in these claims than it is for other workers, but our lawyers are exceptionally experienced in this area and we can help you through your case.

The legal process of obtaining workers' compensation benefits can be daunting. Our attorneys have extensive experience and knowledge to help you get the benefits you need.

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