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Falling cinderblock critically injures NYC construction worker

Cinderblocks are among the types of heavy materials commonly used at construction sites. Now, safety is critical when it comes to these blocks or any other type of heavy construction material. There are a variety of potential accident risks that can come up in connection to such materials at construction sites. This includes risks of a heavy material becoming a falling object.

When a construction worker is struck by a falling object, experienced construction injury attorneys can assist them with pursuing their legal rights in relation to the incident. Keeping one’s legal rights related to compensation properly safeguarded can be particularly important for construction workers who are struck by heavy objects, as heavy construction materials can cause an especially big amount of damage in falling object accidents.

Norwegian Breakaway Lifeboat Accident

Hofmann & Schweitzer sympathizes with the workers and their families injured and killed in this very preventable accident on the Norwegian Breakaway July 19th, 2016 while the passenger vessel was in Bermuda. We offer our condolences and services to anyone related to this accident who would wish to consult with us. Our firm was one of the first ever successful litigators against manufacturers of lifeboat equipment that failed and injured crew members. We were able to assist Philippine crew members in the USA courts and avoid mandatory arbitration in the Philippines. See the below article in the Bermuda Royal Gazette:

New safe zone put in place in Tappan Zee Bridge area

Navigational hazards are among the things that can create major vessel safety concerns. Among the vessel accidents that could come up in relation to such hazards are vessels striking objects and vessels getting tangled up or caught up in objects.

One of the things that is sometimes done to try to protect vessels from navigational hazards is safety regulations and rules being put in place in areas where objects are present that could pose such hazards. This includes safe zones being instituted around certain objects.

Survey: Health/safety concerns high among construction workers

Workers in any occupation can have health and safety concerns regarding their place of work. However, there are some jobs among which such concerns are particularly prevalent. A recent survey points to construction work being among these occupations.

In the survey, which was conducted via telephone earlier this year, 1,601 U.S. workers were asked questions about their workplace that touched on health, safety and other issues. The workers came from various different occupations.

Are You Covered?


You work in a dangerous profession that is crucial for our local and national economy. When you set foot on board a vessel or a dock, you deserve to be confident that you will be taken care of in the event of an injury.

Are you covered?

We can make sure you know the answer to that all-important question. Join us as we explain your rights under the Jones Act and/or Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act.

New cargo container rule comes into force

Among the things that can impact vessel safety are what vessels are carrying. A common thing for vessels to carry are cargo containers. There are certain things that could lead to a cargo container posing a significant safety risk to a vessel and the workers aboard it. One such thing is if a container is overloaded. Overloaded containers could lead to load imbalances or other problems aboard ships, which could result in harmful accidents such as capsizing incidents.

When overloaded containers lead to vessel workers getting hurt, some very important legal issues regarding compensation can come up for the hurt workers. Given the long-term impacts such issues can end up having, maritime workers hurt as a result of an overloaded container or other container-related incidents should consider going to a skilled maritime law attorney for advice and help regarding such issues.

3 Things Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Know


You don't get rich by writing out checks.

The insurance companies know this better than anyone and have turned claim denials into a profit-making art form.

How can you make sure you are on equal footing with the insurance companies in the event of an injury? By knowing the three things they don't want you to know.

The many effects of workplace safety culture in construction

Workplace safety culture is no inconsequential thing. The level and quality of workplace safety culture a contractor or other construction employer has can have significant ramifications in many respects.

For one, this culture can impact how attractive of a place to work workers see a given construction employer as. A recent survey of construction contractors found that contractors that showed a high-end workplace safety culture were significantly more likely to see improvements in their attractiveness to new workers and staff retention from their safety investments than contractors that showed a low-end workplace safety culture.

The LHWCA and occupational diseases

Sometimes, workers at ports or other marine terminals suffer injuries during the course of their work. Depending on their circumstances, such a worker may be eligible for benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act for their injuries.

Now, injuries are not the only type of harm maritime workers could end up suffering in connection to their job. For example, sometimes, exposure to hazards at work (such as chemical hazards) lead to a maritime worker developing an occupational disease. Occupational illnesses can come in a wide range of varieties, including: auto-immune diseases, respiratory conditions, pulmonary diseases and skin diseases.

Marquette & Bessemer No. 2: Mystery Of Our Inland Seas


Lake Erie is home to one of the world's great maritime mysteries: the loss of the SS Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 in 1909. 

Prior to recent decades, it was not uncommon for ships to meet their demise on Lake Erie; there have been more than 100 documented shipwrecks on the lake including commercial vessels and passenger vessels. 

What sets the Marquette & Bessemer No. 2 apart is the mystery surrounding the wreck and the difficulty of shipwreck enthusiasts to locate the vessel in the clear waters of this inland sea. According to James Donahue, "the wreck has reportedly been seen from the air on clear days...yet no one has located it by boat."

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