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How to handle chemical burns in construction accidents

While there are several industries that have risks of toxic injuries, many people in New York may be surprised to hear that the construction field is one of them. While employers often institute precautions to keep workers safe, negligence or incompetence can sometimes lead to severe injuries that can cause permanent damage. Being aware of the risks and steps to take after accidents can help construction workers across the state avoid issues.


When Workers Fall Out Of The Sky


Workers are literally falling out of the sky, and deaths are on the rise during New York City's ongoing construction boom. 

That is the sobering message of a recent report by The New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSH) along with members from Greater New York LECET, the Building and Construction Trades Council, and New York City Council members. 

The environmental effects of the maritime industry

When products need to be sent from one port to another, often the fastest way to get them there is by boat. Shipping allows for the transport of large pieces of machinery as well as thousands of shipping containers, something that would be difficult to do by plane. While there are many benefits to the maritime industry in New York, many are questioning whether they are worth the costs. Nature.com reports on the destructive consequences being caused by the ships carrying 90 percent of consumer goods.


Median U.S. home age on the rise

One thing homes can vary greatly in is age. Lately, housing here in the U.S. has been trending towards the older side. That is, at least, what a recent National Association of Home Builders report points to.

According to the report, in 2015, 37 years old was the median age of U.S. owner-occupied housing. In comparison, the median home age in 2005 was only 31.

Did your injury occur on a vessel?

Working in maritime construction in New York may allow you to be a part of building many different types of structures on or near the water. Injuries in the construction industry are common, and your employer may be carrying insurance that will cover the costs of some of your medical expenses and a portion of your lost wages. However, the nature of your specific job may affect which law is relevant to the claim you must file to receive benefits.

The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act may apply to your situation if you are working on a vessel. This law does not necessarily cover the structure just because it is on or in the water, though. According to The National Law Review, the United States Supreme Court has had the final say in several cases where judges determined whether the characteristics of a vessel applied. These include the following:

  •          Ability to move under its own force
  •          Rudder or other means of steering
  •          Raked hull or bow
  •          Captain and crew
  •          Ballast tanks
  •          Navigational system

The Scaffold Safety Law picks up where OSHA leaves off

As a construction worker in New York City, the idea that you would purposely put yourself in harm’s way may seem ridiculous. However, your employer may be requiring you to do just that if the safety standards of the scaffolding equipment you use are not met. At Hofmann & Schweitzer, we understand how the state’s Scaffold Safety Law helps uphold workers’ rights on construction sites.

The Commercial Observer notes that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration does fine construction companies that violate the agency’s safety standards. However, you may not ever see an OSHA inspector at your worksite because inspections are relatively rare. Even if your employer has been cited for an infraction, the company may view these financial penalties as less costly than securing the training and equipment to keep you safe at dangerous heights.

Beryllium safety standards for shipyards changing

There are a range of different federal rules regarding worker safety that apply to shipyards. Some of these rules regard what kinds of protections shipyards are supposed to provide workers when it comes to certain types of chemicals or substances that can show up in a workplace. Soon, changes will be occurring to the rules placed on shipyards when it comes to one substance in particular.

The substance in question is beryllium. This metal is used in a range of different industries. Inhaling particles of this metal at work can expose workers to major health troubles.

Construction worker dies from head trauma

Anyone who is employed in the construction industry knows that theirs is a dangerous line of work indeed. However, that does not mean that accidents on a construction worksite should be expected or easily dismissed as routine. Construction companies and contractors are required to follow explicit safety protocol in order to keep workers safe while performing their jobs. This includes training and ensuring adherence to safety standards.

One construction company was reportedly fined $3,500 in the spring of 2016 for multiple violations discovered by the Ocupational Safety and Health Administration during an inspection. The company is said to have not followed the outlined standards for protecting employees against falls at a particular job site. Sadly the company seems to not have learned its lesson as one of its employees on a construction site fell three stories to his death just before Christmas of 2016.

Construction accident claims New York man's life

Every day, construction workers face a myriad of risks on the job. From working on ladders, roofs and scaffolding to falling debris and equipment malfunctions, a number of things can and do go wrong on job sites. Sadly, many of these accidents could have been avoided if proper steps had been taken and an alarming number of construction workers have passed away due to someone else's negligence in Brooklyn, and across New York City.

A construction worker was recently declared dead at a hospital in New York after he fell over three stories while working. The accident, which is still being investigated, took place at roughly 9:20 a.m., according to law enforcement officials. The construction worker was 30 years old.

In 2015, fishing jobs had one of America’s highest fatality rates

Commercial fishing jobs can carry many dangers with them. Sometimes, these dangers lead to deadly accidents. How common are deaths in commercial fishing? Recent statistics point to workplace deaths being more common in commercial fishing jobs than in most other occupations here in the United States.

The statistics are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and regard workplace fatalities in America in 2015. They include data on fatality totals and rates in different occupations.

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