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Common fall protection gear mistakes at work sites

Fall protection gear can play a big role in keeping construction workers safe when on the job. There are many different types of such equipment, including fall arrest platforms and fall-protection- related installed engineered systems.

Now simply having fall protection gear present at a construction site isn’t enough all on its own to keep workers safe. Such gear needs to be the right kind for the situation and to be used properly to have its intended protective effects. So, mistakes at construction sites when it comes to such gear could create injury risks for workers.

Changes proposed to OSHA construction and maritime standards

Workplace safety regulation is a complex balancing act. Rules that are too lax on employers could open the door to major safety risks for workers. On the other hand, if they are too burdensome on employers or overly confusing, it could lower compliance levels with the rules, which could also harm workers.

Workplace safety rules here in the U.S. shift over time as government agencies try to find the right balance. Recently, a set of 18 rule changes to federal workplace safety standards has been proposed by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The changes cover a wide range of different safety rules. The changes are aimed at streamlining standards, reducing the burden they put on employers and making the standards clearer for employers.

Wearables and construction safety

One technology that has been getting a fair amount of focus lately and could grow rather prevalent in upcoming years are wearables (technology that can be worn on one’s person). Some estimates have predicted that the wearable market will get to $19 million globally sometime in 2018. Wearables have the potential to have implications in many different important areas, including construction site safety.

How could wearables be used to address safety concerns in construction?

Pair of yard mule accidents at port leaves 1 dead, another hurt

A lot of the activity at ports revolves around the movement of cargo. There are various different pieces of heavy equipment used for such activities. This includes yard mules.

A yard mule is a truck that is used for moving cargo around in ports. As with other pieces of heavy equipment at ports, safety is critical when it comes to these vehicles. Accidents involving yard mules can take a tragically high toll. This can be seen in what happened at a U.S. port earlier this week.

What tool causes the most construction worker hospitalizations?

Among the accidents that can injure construction workers are those involving tools. There are all kinds of tool–related injuries that can happen at construction sites. Over the course of a work day, a construction worker could end up working with quite a few different tools. Each kind of tool can carry its own particular safety risks.

Whatever type of tool-related injury a construction worker suffers, it is critical that they promptly get the right medical care for their injury. Some such injuries end up requiring hospitalization.

The Vessel Traffic Service system and vessel safety

Some waterways can pose special safety challenges for vessels. This includes waterways that are especially busy or confined. There are various efforts government agencies here in the U.S. have taken to try to help keep these waterways safe for vessels.

One of these efforts is the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system. This is a U.S. Coast Guard program aimed at helping with a variety of things when it comes to busy/confined waterways, including accident reduction. This system is based out of 12 VTS centers. One of these centers is located here in New York.

The many sources of struck-by injuries in construction

Struck-by accidents are something that can happen in all kinds of work environments. However, construction sites can carry a particularly high number of struck-by hazards. Examples of some of the more common things at construction sites that could pose struck-by risks to construction workers include:

  • Flying objects.
  • Tools or other objects that have the potential to fall.
  • Heavy equipment.
  • Motor vehicles.
  • Masonry wall construction.
  • Concrete wall construction.

Boating Safety: Learn From Lindsay Lohan's Mistake


There are few things in this world as relaxing as setting sail and leaving your worries behind on shore. That is if you can avoid leaving a piece of yourself on the vessel due to a mishap. 

That's what reportedly happened to Lindsay Lohan - one of Long Island's most infamous celebs - while on vacation in Turkey. 

Train crash wreaks havoc in New Jersey

A major train accident occurred in New Jersey this morning.

At around 8:30 a.m. ET, a commuter train traveling at a high speed approached a rail station in Hoboken. According to authorities, the train didn't slow as it entered the station, and it ended up smashing through a set of barriers and crashing into a concourse at the station. This crash resulted in the train platform roof collapsing.

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