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Refrigerant dangers aboard vessels

Sometimes, chemical leaks occur aboard ships. Many different types of systems could potentially be a leak source. One such system are refrigeration systems.

Refrigerants sometimes end up leaking out of vessel refrigeration systems. Such chemicals can be quite hazardous. Ammonia and halocarbons are two types of hazardous chemicals that are sometimes used as refrigerants aboard ships. When a vessel experiences leaks of these sorts of chemicals, it can pose major safety risks to workers, such as chemical exposure risks (being exposed to substantial levels of these types of refrigerants can cause a wide range of health problems) and fire/explosion risks.

Construction injuries and having to miss work

What types of benefits and compensation a construction worker may be able to pursue in relation to an injury they suffered at their work site depends on a range of things. One is what impacts the injury has on them.

Attorneys can help hurt construction workers with gathering evidence regarding the impacts of their injury and evidence regarding other important aspects of the injury and the accident in which it occurred. Lawyers can also provide explanations to such construction workers regarding what the evidence that is present regarding their injury means for what sorts of compensation and benefits they can pursue.

Providing Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act guidance

Many challenges can arise for a maritime worker when they are trying to get fair compensation for an injury they suffered in their work. One thing that can sometimes be difficult is determining what compensation laws apply in the situation. There are a variety of different rules and laws that touch on the topic of maritime injuries, with each having specific rules on when it applies.

One such law is the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act. This federal law established a workers' compensation system that can provide monetary relief and other benefits to certain workers injured in harbor or maritime accidents. As a note, not all individuals injured in harbor or maritime accidents are eligible for benefits under this act. Rather, this act has rules limiting what specific types of maritime workers are covered under it.

Might current home construction materials up fire-related risks?

There are many things that have changed over the years when it comes to home construction. One are the main types of materials used in such construction. For example, in modern times, plywood and engineered particle boards have become increasingly common in home construction. What construction materials are used on a home can affect many things about a home, including the fire-related risks connected to it.

Safety experts have raised the possibility that the materials commonly used in modern home construction might make homes more vulnerable to burning faster and hotter. Reportedly, safety experts have found that, when fires occur at homes, homes that were built within the past 30 years tend to burn more quickly and hotter than homes that were built earlier. Some experts postulate that changes in the types of materials used to build homes have contributed to this.

Illegal manning agencies accused of exposing sailors to great harm

Even in the best of circumstances, working aboard a ship can have its dangers. So, one would hope that, here in the United States and throughout the world, all companies involved in the maritime industry would stay away from conduct that could expose maritime workers to even greater risks of harm. All sailors deserve as safe and respectful of a workplace as possible.

There are many types of companies involved in the maritime industry beyond just companies that own and operate vessels. One such type of company are maritime employment agencies. These companies are involved in the staffing of a wide range of different types of commercial vessels across the globe.

NYC's 2015 construction injury total projected to be quite high

There is generally a lot of construction work going on here in New York City. One would hope construction sites in the city would be as injury-free as possible. Unfortunately though, accidents, such as falls from heights, sometimes occur at construction sites which leave workers with substantial injuries. And recent estimates indicate that this year was a particularly injury-heavy one when it comes to construction in the city.

It is projected that, by year's end, 2015 will have seen around 400 construction injuries in New York City. This far exceeds the city's construction injury total for 2014, which was 237 injuries. It is also a very high total when compared to other recent years. Between 2008 and 2013, in every year but one (2009, which saw an injury total of 241) the annual construction injury total in the city was below 200. 

Foreign Seaman Injured on Vessel

If you are a foreign seaman injured injured on a ship you may have a right to bring a maritime claim in the USA. You should contact a qualified lawyer in the USA who understands your rights.

How Cruise Ship Workers Get Hurt

If you are a cruise ship worker, then you know that life is not always as glamorous as it appeared on the popular 1970's TV program The Love Boat. Romance can be difficult to fit into a long work day that often occurs in difficult conditions and can result in injuries.

Common Reasons for Cruise Ship Crew Member Injuries

It can be difficult for a cruise worker to prevent his or her own injury because so much of the potential for harm is controlled by the cruise ship employer. Common cruise ship crew injuries occur because of:

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