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Construction falls, rebar and impalement risks

Fall injuries suffered during construction work can be quite severe. After suffering such injuries, a construction worker may be very worried about their own future and their family’s future. Construction accident attorneys can advise victims of construction falls on their rights and on what legal options may be able to help with protecting their and their family’s financial future in regards to the ramifications of their injures.

Among the types of serious injuries construction workers can suffer in falls are impalement injuries. One of the things commonly found on construction sites that can create impalement risks is rebar.

Vessel repair work, painting and worker safety

Repair work regarding maritime vessels can involve many things. Sometimes, painting or repainting surfaces on or in a vessel is part of such work.

When vessel painting is done in connection to vessel repair work, it can be very important for proper safety precautions to be taken, including: appropriate respiratory protection being provided, the area the painting is being done in being properly ventilated and taking safety into account when deciding how and when the painting will be done.

Beyond Titanic: 3 Maritime Disaster Stories


We all know the story of the RMS Titanic.

How could we not? The 1912 loss of the Titanic grabbed the attention of people on both sides of the Atlantic, leading to countless books, an Oscar winning motion picture, and numerous missions to its final resting place in the north Atlantic.

Many maritime disasters have long been forgotten.

Today, 3 of their stories are told.

Backover accidents in construction work

Construction sites can have a lot of vehicles operating in them, such as dump trucks and forklifts. Unfortunately, work site accidents sometimes occur involving such vehicles. One type of accident that sometimes comes up in construction work is a backover accident. This is when a person is hit by a vehicle that is backing up. 

When a worker is the victim of such an accident, they can end up with severe injuries. These accidents can even be fatal in nature. For example, in 2011, backover accidents resulted in over 70 worker deaths, according to federal data. 

What happens after a maritime injury can be impactful

The complex nature of maritime law is not the only reason why promptly seeking out the advice of a skilled maritime accident attorney can be so important for maritime workers following suffering a job-related injury. Another reason is that a hurt maritime worker can, rather soon after their injury occurred, encounter situations where what they do and say could have significant ramifications regarding their legal situation when it comes to their injury.  

Take, for example, post-injury interactions with one's employer and the insurer of one's employer. After a maritime worker is hurt on the job, there are a variety of things their employer or their employer's insurer might ask them to do. For example, they may ask the worker to make a recorded statement or sign a document in relation to the injury. Another thing they might do is make a settlement offer to the worker. 

New workers and construction safety

It appears that 2016 might be a year of a fair amount of employment growth in the construction industry. In a recent survey of construction firms, 71 percent of the respondent firms indicated that they anticipate increasing their workforce this year. One wonders if a fair number of construction sites here in New York City will be seeing an influx in new workers this year.

New workers at construction firms deserve a safe work environment just as much as more-seasoned employees. There are some special safety concerns though that can arise in connection to new workers. New workers may not be as familiar with the particular safety issues of a given position and work site. They may also feel hesitant to bring up safety worries they have, not wanting to rock the boat as they are just starting with a company. 

Construction Accidents: A NYC Epidemic


Crane collapses on busy streets. 

Construction workers falling to their deaths. 

Serious injuries on job sites due to ladder and scaffolding defects. 

Elevator accidents. 

New York City is in the midst of a construction accident epidemic, with new instances popping up in the news multiple times per week. Is this simply the cost of our unprecedented construction boom and the activity of a rebounding economy? 

At Hofmann & Schweitzer, we don't think so. 

Fatal New York tugboat sinking under Coast Guard investigation

Sinkings are among the most major maritime accidents that can occur. A vessel going down can cause major injuries and losses of life.

Sadly, a fatal sinking recently occurred in New York state. The vessel that went down was a tugboat named the Specialist. It sank in the area of the Tappan Zee Bridge on March 12. Its three crew members died in the incident.

Manganese fumes from welding

Fire and heat-related risks are not the only safety dangers that can arise in relation to welding. For one, there are a variety of fumes that can be created by welding activities.

One of these types of fumes is manganese fumes. Such fumes could pose health and safety risks to workers if inhaled. Among the health problems inhaling manganese has been connected to are:

  • Kidney damage.
  • Liver damage.
  • Lung damage.
  • Manganism.
  • Reproductive problem risks.
  • Central nervous system damage.
  • Potential neurological and neurobehavioral effects. 

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