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Which New York City borough is seeing the most new construction?

Different parts of a city can see different trends in construction. This includes trends in how much new construction is happening. What part of New York City has been seeing the most new construction projects? Recent statistics point to the borough of Manhattan holding the top spot.

The statistics gauge the new construction levels in the different boroughs in the city by looking at how much in value in construction starts happened in the various boroughs. This includes both residential and nonresidential starts.

Construction flaggers need to be more visible to oncoming traffic

It's a little hard to believe, but there are some situations in modern construction that actually don't have clearly defined safety protocols—when that happens, it's the worker who is likely to be at risk of serious injury or even death.

The Transport Workers Union and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority are currently clashing over safety measures designed to protect flaggers—the members of the construction crew who set up warning cones and safety zones on areas under construction and then often help route traffic through those areas.

What does the Jones Act do?

In 1920, the Merchant Marine Act was passed into law. In Section 27, this larger act contained the Jones Act. It's important to understand why this was passed and what it does.

First off, the act has been called a "protectionist" measure because it governs shipping and trading between cities in the United States, saying that the movement of both people and goods needs to be done on U.S. ships. These ships, if moving between two ports in the States, have to be built in the U.S., crewed by citizens, and owned by citizens.

Osteoarthritis doesn't bar a workers' compensation claim

As of 2015, there were 33 million Americans 55-years-old or older in the workforce, and some of those workers are in the construction business. When they get injured, underlying conditions that are considered "age-related," like osteoarthritis, can become a problem for both the worker and the employer's insurer.

If you're the worker, it's important to keep in mind that you're still entitled to workers' compensation benefits even if your osteoarthritis makes the injury more severe than it would be for someone without the condition.

Rising winds often responsible for construction accidents

The winter winds are picking up in New York City, which means that construction workers and pedestrians alike are in danger from things like unsecured building materials that go flying away to cranes that go toppling down.

As a result, the Department of Buildings is issuing warnings when wind gusts are expected to rise and says it will perform spot-check inspections to make sure that workers and city residents are safe. If construction sites aren't secure, officials say they will issue violations and Stop Work Orders.

Somali Pirates...They're Back


Backed in August we blogged about the pleasant lack of pirate activity on the Indian Ocean and adjacent waters. Unfortunately, it looks like we may have jinxed that tranquility. 

According to a report by Reuters, the first Somali pirate attack in years has taken place, and "merchant vessels sailing through busy shipping lanes between Somalia and Yemen may be understimating the risk of piracy and terrorism following two attempted attacks last month."

OSHA: Severe Violators continue to put roofers at risk of falls

In construction work, the leading cause of death is falling from a height, according to OSHA's regional administrator for New York. That's a tragedy, because most of those deaths could easily have been prevented if the workers had been correctly using appropriate fall prevention gear as required by law.

The comments were in regards to a recent set of citations issued to a Syracuse-based contractor known as The Roofing Guys, Inc., a company with whom inspectors from the Syracuse office were already quite familiar. Between 2011 and 2015, they had cited the company at least three other times for allowing serious fall hazards on their jobs.

Injury rate down, but construction still a dangerous job

Recent federal data indicates that the worker injury rate of the construction industry went down last year here in the United States. While this is encouraging, there are other aspects of these federal statistics that temper how good of news this is.

For one, the decrease is rather small in size. The statistics indicate that, in 2015, the nation’s private construction industry saw 3.5 non-fatal injuries or illnesses for every 100 workers. This is only a 0.1 percent decrease from the previous year’s rate, which was 3.6 per 100.

Pirate attack risk in the Somalia-Yemen area may be up again

There are certain areas that receive a lot of global shipping traffic. Among these are the shipping lanes between Yemen and Somalia.

One risk that can come up in high-traffic shipping areas is the risk of pirate attacks. In a past post, we mentioned that, after something of a heyday of such attacks in the Somalia-Yemen area, piracy activity in that region seemed to calm down a bit. In that post, we also noted how important staying vigilant about piracy was even in the midst of this decline.

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