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How to Prevent Serious Eye Injuries on a Construction Site

Many eye injuries are avoidable. Of course, the best type of protection is to avoid the accident altogether. Yet, it is still important to appropriately respond to an eye accident in order to avoid a more severe injury.

What Your Employer Can Do Before You Get Hurt

Before an injury occurs, an employer should evaluate the construction site, remove any risks of eye injuries, train construction workers on how to avoid eye injuries, and provide protective equipment for the unforeseen risks.

What Your Employer Can Do After You Get Hurt

It is also important to have a protocol in place to immediately handle any eye injuries on a construction site. For example, an eye wash or sterile solution should be kept with the first aid supplies in a known and easily accessible place. Additionally, workers should be instructed to call 911 if a co-worker has been injured.

What You Should Do After You Get Hurt

If you suffer a construction eye injury, then it is important to get prompt medical attention. A delay in medical treatment could lead to loss of eyesight. After your immediate medical needs have been attended to, you should then call the experienced New Jersey and New York construction eye injury attorneys of Hoffman & Schweitzer at 1-800-362-9329. We will fight for your just recovery. 

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