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3 Common Causes of Broken Rib Injuries for New York Construction Workers

Broken rib injuries can be serious, particularly when three or more ribs are broken, when the injury is untreated, or when secondary problems such as pneumonia develop. As a New York construction worker you do your part to avoid injury, but does your employer?

Below are some common types of construction accidents that result in construction workers suffering broken ribs and seeking the advice of a New York construction accident lawyer:

  • Falls: Falls are a common cause of broken ribs for everyone, not just construction workers. However, instead of the typical trip or slip and fall accident suffered by many people, construction workers are at risk of significant falls from heights such as ladders, scaffolding and roofs which may increase the chance of suffering a significant injury, such as a broken rib.
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents: as with falls, motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of broken ribs among the general population. Since motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of construction accident injuries, it makes sense that motor vehicle accidents often cause construction workers to suffer broken ribs.
  • Repetitive Motions or Coughing Spells: something as simple as repetitive motions, which is part of many construction jobs, or coughing spells, which may be triggered by substances at the construction site, may cause broken ribs.

If you have suffered a broken rib injury because of your construction job, please call a New York construction accident attorney at 1.800.362.9329 for more information about your rights. 

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