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Why New York Railroad Workers May Suffer, and Recover, From Whole Body Vibration Injuries

Some New York railroad workers are hurt in sudden accidents while others suffer injuries, such as whole body vibration injuries, because of the repetitive nature of their difficult work. If you've been hurt in either type of accident, then it is important to know that you may be entitled to damages and that you have the right to contact a New York FELA attorney.

Why Railroad Workers May Suffer From Whole Body Vibration Injuries

According to a study conducted by doctors and other experts at Occupational and Life Science in New York, Mt Sinai School of Medicine in Manhattan and an Institute in St. Augustin, Germany, railroad workers are at risk of suffering whole body vibration injuries because:

  • They work in a unique environment with exposure to multi-axis whole body vibration and shocks.
  • They work long hours over many years in this environment.
  • Seats are often defective or poorly designed to protect against vibration injuries.

The experience of absorbing vibrations over a period of time can result in significant injuries to a railroad worker's shoulders, back, neck, hands, feet, hips, or knees.

Recognize the Symptoms of Whole Body Vibration

It is important to seek medical help if you experience:

  • Pain
  • Burning or discomfort in your joints
  • Stiffness
  • Weakness
  • Headaches or other body aches

Contact a New York FELA Lawyer for Assistance

After you seek medical help, it is also important to call a New York railroad lawyer who is compassionate and who wants to help you with your recovery. Call 1-800-362-9329 today to learn more about your rights and potential legal recovery.

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