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Who Can Collect Pain and Suffering After a New York Maritime Accident?

Maritime work is dangerous and there are many situations when maritime workers suffer emotionally and physically. However, not all maritime workers are able to recover financial damages for their pain and suffering. In order to know if you and your New York Jones Act attorney should fight for pain and suffering damages it is important to know who is entitled to such damages.

Are You Entitled to Maritime Accident Pain and Suffering Damages?

You may be entitled to damages for past and future pain and suffering if:

  • You were physically injured in a maritime accident.
  • You were exposed to a real risk of injury, such as being exposed to chemicals or conditions that could cause a long term illness, and you suffered because of it.

While you are likely suffering emotionally if you witness an accident or you are married to someone who is hurt in an accident, courts will generally not allow you to recover damages unless you meet the criteria described above.

Contact a New York Jones Act Attorney for Help

If you have been hurt in an East Coast maritime accident, then you owe it to yourself and to your family to call the experienced New York Jones Act lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer to learn more about how to protect your rights. Please call us today at 1-800-3-MAY-DAY (1-800-362-9329).

You can also learn more about your legal rights after a maritime injury in our free publication: The Legal Rights of Injured Seamen and Other Commercial Mariners.


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