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How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Your life is valued at around $50,000 by insurance companies in the United States. If you require a life saving procedure that is worth more than $50,000 but will only extend your life shortly, the insurance company will not pay for it.

The United States government will only spend a maximum of $4 million dollars to save a life through enhancements in public safety.

The government won't spend a lot of money to save a life, but they will spend $30 million dollars to take a life! The government offered a $30 million reward for the sons of Saddam Hussein, Uday and Qusay Hussein.

$50 million was the highest value ever placed on a terrorists head. $50 million dollars was offered by the United States government for Osama Bin Laden.

Tobacco companies will make an average of about $77,922 from a lifetime smoker; more than an insurance company believes the value of a person's life is.

$308 million dollars is what it costs the state of California to execute one death row inmate, but they won't spend over $4 million to improve public safety.

The compensation the U.S. government offers the families of soldiers who have died protecting our country is a maximum of $400,000. The families who lost relatives during the 9/11 attacks received on average $2.1 million per death.

It is really shocking to see what the U.S. government thinks a life is worth.

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