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June 2016 Archives

Do construction companies give enough priority to safety?

Many unique dangers and safety risks can come up at construction sites. These hazards sometimes lead to construction workers getting seriously hurt or killed. The construction industry is among the industries that see the most occupational deaths annually. So, it is of little surprise that construction tends to be identified as a high-risk line of work.

Many big choices come up in Jones Act claims

There are various special laws here in the U.S. connected to maritime vessels and maritime work. One of these is the Jones Act, a federal law. Among the things this law does is give workers who fall under the definition of a “seaman” the ability to submit personal injury claims against their employer in connection to certain on-the-job accidents.

Noise at construction sites

Among the dangers that can be present at construction sites are sonic dangers. Such sites can be very noisy places, in part due to the types of equipment typically involved in construction. So, safety concerns can arise in relation to the level of noise construction workers are exposed to at their worksite.

Proper lighting vital in maritime work

Maritime work happens in a range of different environments. Some examples include vessels, shipyards and ports. So, there are many types of spaces a maritime worker could end up performing work in. Each particular maritime work space raises its own specific safety concerns.

Should crane black boxes be required in New York City?

Among the things that happened following the fatal crane accident that occurred here in New York City this past February was that a special city technical panel was convened to make recommendations regarding construction crane safety in the city. This panel recently issued a report containing recommendations.

How vulnerable are maritime vessels to cyber attacks?

Among the things that can impact how safe the workers aboard a vessel are is how big of vulnerabilities the vessel has. This includes things such as how vulnerable the vessel is to accidents or physical attacks. It also includes the level of vulnerability a vessel has to cyber attacks.

Injury risks in intermodal container repair work

Work at ports and other maritime terminals is different from other jobs in many ways. The unique aspects of maritime terminal work can create some special worker safety challenges and risks. These challenges and risks sometimes lead to workers at maritime terminals suffering occupational injuries or illnesses.

Construction injuries can occur in connection to drywall handling

One of the types of materials construction workers can end up handling in their work is drywall. Sometimes, injury-causing construction accidents occur in relation to drywall handling. Examples of drywall-handling-related injuries that can happen include fall injuries and overexertion injuries.

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