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Hofmann & Schweitzer care about you obtaining the best possible result for your construction, railroad, maritime or personal injury case.  We represent cases within the states of New York and New Jersey.  If your case occurred in another state, please view the list of resources to find the answers and representation you need.

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  • Pt. Pleasant Commercial Fisherman Accident:

    Commercial Fisherman are often taken advantage of by the Captain and Owners of the vessels. Hofmann & Schweitzer is investigating the circumstances surrounding a Pt. Pleasant fisherman who was told that the company is not responsible for medical bills because the incident did not occur on the boat, it occurred on the dock while in the employment of the vessel owner but manifested itself on the boat. He was denied maintenance and cure because the company classified the incident as a illness. If an illness occurs on the boat the seafarer is entitled to maintenance and cure and possibly other remedies. In this case our client was stung by an insect and developed a infection. The vessel had no first aid supplies and our client had to use a shirt to clean out the puss and blood. The Captain refused to bring our client to shore to receive treatment. As a result he spent many months recovering and has a permanent scar. He will continue to have future medical problems. Don’t always believe what you are told by your employer, consult a qualified Maritime lawyer if you have any questions.     

                January, 2014


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