We Work Hard For Hardworking New Yorkers Who Have Been Seriously Hurt

Our lawyers are all trained and experienced litigators. This means we are prepared to take your case to trial if needed. Insurance companies know which firms are prepared to go to trial and which ones are not. If they know a firm will not go to trial, the settlement offer will be much less.

The insurance companies know that our construction accident attorneys work up every case in preparation for trial, and this makes them much likelier to make quality settlement offers for our clients.

Boutique Firm Focused On Serving Our Clients' Legal Needs

We are not a personal injury mill house like some local firms that take thousands and thousands of cases. We do not take small claims and we don't serve clients with phony injuries just trying to make a buck. Our lawyers serve real, hardworking clients who have suffered serious injuries in construction accidents, maritime accidents, railroad accidents and related accidents.