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Learn About Your Rights After a Maritime, Construction, Railroad or Premises Liability Accident

Hofmann & Schweitzer represents construction, railroad, maritime and other personal injury claims throughout New York and New Jersey.  Our law firm has over 30 years of legal experience and can help you.  We represent many construction trade members, including carpenters, dockbuilders, electricians, iron workers, laborers, lathers, operating engineers, dredge men and a host of other specialties.

Construction AccidentsConstruction Accidents

New Jersey and New York construction workers are at risk of suffering life-changing accident injuries at work. State laws protect construction workers who are injured and allow workers to recover for their injuries.

Experienced New Jersey and New York construction accident lawyers can help injured workers get the recoveries that they deserve. Find out more about your potential recovery, and why you need a construction injury lawyer to help you.

Railroad AccidentsRailroad Accidents

A knowledgeable railroad accident attorney from our office can help you if you have been injured either working for a railroad line or while a passenger on a commuter train. We represent FELA claims and passenger claims in New York and New Jersey.

Maritime LawMaritime Law

Certain laws exist to protect maritime workers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a maritime accident, you need to contact an experienced maritime attorney at the law firm of Hofmann & Schweitzer for legal advice. We handle maritime accident and boating accident cases nationwide. Our law firm also handles cruise ship injury claims.

Premises LiabilityPremises Liability

Property owners can be held responsible for accidents that occur on their premises, including slip and falls and exposure to harmful chemicals.  In New York and New Jersey, you can pursue damages from this type of accident.  For more information, contact a premises liability lawyer at the law firm of Hofmann & Schweitzer at our New York office at 212-465-8840, our New Jersey office at 908-393-5662 or Toll Free at 800-362-9329.

Fires and ExplosionsFires and Explosions

The physical and emotional damage is catastrophic—in just a few minutes the fire or explosion in your home, your workplace, or somewhere else significantly injured you, or killed your loved one. It left you with lasting physical and emotional needs, and many questions. As a fire or explosion victim, you deserve to know what caused your injury, who caused your injury, and how to get help for your injuries as quickly as possible. Find out these things, and more, on this page.

Current and Ongoing InvestigationsCurrent and Ongoing Investigations

Learn more about the current and ongoing investigations by Hofmann & Schweitzer, including investigations of injuries resulting from construction, maritime and railroad accidents.


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