What New Jersey Construction Workers Need to Know About Attic Safety

How New Jersey Construction Workers Can Stay Safe While Working on Residential Attics

Paul Hofmann
Specializes in personal injury, with emphasis on maritime, railroad and construction worker tort claims

The home that you are building needs an attic. When you first hear that statement from your boss, it may not cause you much concern. However, an attic is different than other parts of the home and building a residential attic may involve different dangers than building a ground floor kitchen or a second floor bedroom.

Safety First

The time for New Jersey construction workers and their employers to think about residential attic safety is before the job begins. Attics, by definition, are high and they may involve cramped spaces. The risk of falling may be significant and should be addressed before construction starts. To that end, OSHA has at least six suggestions for employers to promote residential attic construction safety. Specifically, it is important for employers to:

  • Train all New Jersey construction workers who are working in residential attics.
  • Identify fall risks before the job begins.
  • Plan for workers to use appropriate fall protection systems to avoid injury. Personal fall arrest systems (PFAS) should be used as appropriate.
  • Make sure that the walking and working areas of the attic have the strength and structural integrity to support the weight of workers.
  • Consider the use of scaffolding or ladders.
  • Have a written fall protection plan to protect workers from residential attic construction accidents.

Unfortunately, even these steps cannot prevent every residential attic construction accident in New Jersey.

Call a New Jersey Construction Accident Attorney If You’re Injured

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