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To our construction worker clients, we are extremely proud to announce that the New York Court of Appeals, in Cammon v. City of New York, has agreed that New York's Labor Laws, in their entirety, apply to all construction workers, including dockbuilders working on the water. This is a watershed opinion which reverses more than 20 years of bad decisional law. Contact us for more information, particularly if you are an injured dockbuilder who thought you could not make a claim under the New York Labor Laws.

DISCLAIMER: The results are specific to the facts and legal circumstances of each of the clients' cases and should not be used to form an expectation that the same results could be obtained for other clients in similar matters without reference to the specific factual and legal circumstances of each client's case.

Construction Accident Results

$1.5 million new money plus waiver of $250,000 compensation lien for dock builder falling while trying to board work barge after acetylene hose was cut by improper crane operation, leading to meniscus injury to knee while working for Agate Construction on a Port Authority of New York and New Jersey construction site.
Awarded: $2,000,000 Settlement

$800,000 ($600,000 new money plus waiver of $200,000 + compensation lien) for Laborer who tore his ACL working for Northeast Remsco.
Awarded: $800,000

$400,000 ($335,000 new money plus waiver of $65,000 compensation lien) for Local 15 Operating Engineer whose tip of thumb cut off working on the East Side Access project for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Awarded: $400,000

$1,057,500 Recovery for Construction Worker Knee Injury
Awarded: $1,057,500

Settlement: Harrison v. State of NY, $2.9 million for herniated lumbar disc for carpenter, member of Local 608 of District Council of Carpenters for injuries sustained working on Wantagh Bridge on Long Island.
Awarded: $2,900,000.00

Injured Worker
Awarded: $450,000

Heavy construction worker who fell
Awarded: $1,400,000

60 year old construction worker injured when concrete plank fell upon her in a NYC high rise construction accident. She suffered mild traumatic brain injury (TBI), fracture of foot, and compression fracture of one vertebra.
Awarded: $1.6 million + waiver of $180,000 lien. Total value: $1,780,000

Construction worker hit
Awarded: $1,395,000

Construction worker fall
Awarded: $1,140,000

Demolition worker who injured back knocking down wall pursuant to orders from his supervisor, using method violating the New York Industrial Code. Back injury, no surgery. (2005)
Awarded: $500,000

Settlement for a construction worker who injured knee jumping out of way of flashback while using a torch.
Awarded: $458,000

Railroad Accident Results

Railroad machinist working for Amtrak. Repairing brake line on supervisor's personal vehicle when car fell on top of him causing severe injuries to his cervical spine and lumbar spine requiring two surgeries. Post traumatic stress disorder.
Awarded: $750,000

Lien waiver for electrician against Metro-North Railroad for surgically repaired herniated disc.
Awarded: $750,000+

Maritime Accident Results

M/V Venta Wage Claim resulting in $241,000 recovered for unpaid wages.
Awarded: $241,000

$10 million for seaman crushed by deck lifting machine, causing paraplegia.
Awarded: $10 million

$600,000 for dredgeman working for Great Lakes Dredge and Dock
Awarded: $600,000

$740,000 for recreational fisherman whose boat was run over by commercial fishing boat, shoulder and knee injury, PTSD and emotional distress
Awarded: $740,000

$350,000 for knee fracture for recreational boater who fell on boat when a large wake from a passing ferry caused him to fall
Awarded: $350,000

$10,000,000 for paraplegic - crushed in a work related accident
Awarded: $10,000,000

New York City Police Diver injured on rescue mission while jumping from helicopter. No harness available to use for jump. Sustained back injury, L1 fracture. Settled against the City of New York out of court for $1,050,000. (January 2011)
Awarded: $1,050,000

Failure to have proper equipment for deckhand on Ferry NYC.
Awarded: $1,000,000 Settlement

$600,000 New Money Plus Waiver of $200,000 Compensation Lien for Laborer Who Tore His ACL Working For NorthEast Remsco

Recreational Fisherman whose Boat was Run Over by Commercial Fishing Boat, Shoulder and Knee Injury. PTSD and Emotional Distress
Awarded: $740,000 Settlement

Knee Fracture for Recreational Boater who Fell on Boat when a Large Wake from a Passing Ferry Caused him to fall
Awarded: $350,000 Settlement

$417,757 Arbitration Award for Hornbeck Deckhand

Ferry Boat Crewmember Accident
Awarded: $500,000

Court upholds jury verdict awarding maintenance and cure, past; future maintenance; future cure; compensatory damages for pain and suffering for failing to provide proper medical care; punitive damages and attorneys' fees.
Awarded: Jury Verdict Maintenance & Cure - Punitive Damages $560,383.77

Torn Rotator Cuff Barge Mate Bouchard
Awarded: $415,000

Injured dockbuilder
Awarded: $800,000

Dancer in show production injured while employed on a passenger vessel. Slipped on wet floor. Tri malleolar fracture right ankle.
Awarded: $255,000

Injured on fireboat
Awarded: $750,000

Kentucky barge mate for Ingram Barge tripped over rigging left on deck. Left knee osteoarthritis. Filed in Tennessee.
Awarded: $505,000

Commercial fisherman on clam boat in Atlantic City, NJ. Line parted while working on dredge. Suffered fracture left middle finger, fractured thumb and amputation tip of middle left finger.
Awarded: $1,000,000

Verdict with post judgement interest after appeal by defendant, USA. Seaman injured on government owned vessel injured while stepping over threshold. Knee, back and ankle injuries.
Awarded: $625,000

Boat Captain working on Robert Moses Bridge Project injured in two accidents. Sustained hernia and total knee replacement.
Awarded: $450,000

Fisherman on commercial clam vessel sailing out of New Jersey for herniated cervical disc with resulting surgery.
Awarded: $1,350,000

Female oil tankerman with herniated lumbar disc after collision between Poling & Cutler tank vessel and tow composite operated by McAllister Towing, including K-Sea Marine barge.
Awarded: $650,000

Knee and back injuries suffered by construction worker operating tug boat at Robert Moses Bridge project.
Awarded: $450,000

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) suffered on Bouchard Transportation oil barge.
Awarded: $6 million

Hand injury for diver/dockbuilder against Weeks Marine, Mears Construction, Horizon Offshore and TomAllen Construction.
Awarded: $1,750,000

Unoperated disc for dockbuilder against Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, Spearin Preston & Burrows and Modern Continental.
Awarded: $450,000

Settlement for lower leg amputation claim against Great Lakes Dredge & Dock.
Awarded: $2.95 million

Injured dockbuilder
Awarded: $1,125,000

"Full policy" settlement for commercial fisherman with torn rotator cuff. January 2008.
Awarded: $125,000

Wrongful death for sailing yacht crewmember. During storm crewmember went overboard. Captain failed to use proper procedures to rescue. December 2007.
Awarded: $450,000

Settlement for construction worker on barge who stepped into trench/channel alongside mat supporting rig. Torn ligaments in knee. September 2007.
Awarded: $1,000,000

Settlement for brown water seaman working on supply/tender off of California during lightering operation. Improper hauling of Yokohama fenders led to seaman being knocked over and suffering spinal disc injury. September 2007.
Awarded: $750,000

Barge Captain working for K-Sea Transportation injured back while bringing in tow gear. Stretch injury L2-L3 and recurrence of pre-existing disc herniation at L5-S1.
Awarded: $525,000

Judgement for dockbuilder working on a float stage who suffered back injury when load from a crane partially dropped, striking him because of insufficient safety devices and techniques. (2005)
Awarded: $1,216,000

New York City Police diver who injured knee slipping on rocks along East River. Insufficient dive safety equipment provided to him. Knee surgery required. (2005)
Awarded: $500,000

Class action settlement against major cruise line for wages in amount up to $25 million of which almost $13 million was claimed and distributed.
Awarded: $25,000,000

Injured laborer
Awarded: $1 million

Amputated foot
Awarded: $2 million

Barge worker killed in explosion
Awarded: $3 million

Seaman's Wage Claim settlement
Awarded: $18.4 million

Injured seaman technician
Awarded: $1.05 million

Federal court verdict for seafarer burned in an explosion aboard a barge.
Awarded: $505,000

Dockbuilder slip and fall
Awarded: $735,000

Settlement of claim of cruise ship's 2d Mate who fell 70 feet down an unguarded shaft, causing fractures of the foot, knee, face and of the skull.
Awarded: $2,225,000

Injured tug boat deckhand
Awarded: $450,000

Failure to Provide Safe Place to Work
Awarded: $295,000

Wrongful death of longshoreman
Awarded: $800,000

General Personal Injury Results

Injured transit worker
Awarded: $135,000

Radius and ulna fractures
Awarded: $290,000

Fall from building
Awarded: $2,252,000

Injured pedestrian
Awarded: $325,000

Class action for oil field workers
Awarded: $9,000,000