A Fall From Scaffolding Is Not Like Other Bronx Construction Accidents

I suffered a hand injury from a piece of equipment in a Bronx construction accident a few years ago. Now I’ve been hurt again, but this time I fell from scaffolding out near Yankee Stadium. Is the recovery process the same?

We are sorry to hear that you suffered two Bronx construction accident injuries in just a few years. There are parts of the recovery process that will be familiar to you. You should, for example, report the accident to your employer and get prompt medical attention.

However, you should know that your potential financial recovery may be different. New York law includes what is often referred to as a “scaffolding law.” The New York scaffolding law allows construction workers who have been hurt in scaffolding accidents to sue the person or company responsible for their injuries. In other words, you may be able to recover damages from a personal injury lawsuit instead of through workers’ compensation insurance.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Vs. Workers’ Compensation

The most significant difference between a personal injury recovery and a workers’ compensation recovery is that you have the right to recover for your pain and suffering in a personal injury lawsuit. If you’ve suffered a serious injury then the amount that you could possible recovery for pain and suffering may be substantial.

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