How a Family Can Recover From a Fatal Brooklyn Scaffolding Accident


My spouse recently died in a Brooklyn scaffolding accident. How can our family recover?


I expect that you already know the first part of the answer that we are going to share with you. The harsh reality is that your family is never going to be the same. You’ve been denied the love and companionship of your spouse.

However, as you grieve your loss you should not also have to worry about the financial loss that results from funeral costs and lost income. Instead, your family should be able to recover for financial losses. Exactly which losses will be compensated and how much money may be recovered depends on numerous factors and should be discussed with an experienced construction accident lawyer.

Emotional grief from loss of a family member combined with loss of immediate financial security is stressful. You can reach out to supportive friends and family for emotional support during this difficult time. You may even consider professional grief counseling for you and your immediate family members.

You are right to focus on your family’s recovery during this incredibly difficult time after a fatal Brooklyn scaffolding accident. Please let our caring and compassionate team help you make sure that you get the recovery that you all deserve. We would be honored to set up an initial meeting with you if you contact us today via this website or by phone at 800-362-9329.