How to Get Medical Care After a Queens Construction Site Head Injury


My husband recently suffered a head injury at a Queens construction site. How can I afford to get my husband the medical care that he needs if he isn’t working?


As you know all too well, you have a lot to manage if your spouse has suffered a head injury on a Queens construction site. Your top priority is, understandably, to get your spouse the medical care that he needs to give him the best possible quality of life going forward.

While you don’t want money to be a factor in your husband’s recovery, it is important to think about how you will afford the medical care that is needed while he is out of work. Money may be tight and you will have to continue paying your regular bills and ensuring that your family has shelter and food.

You shouldn’t have this added burden during such a difficult time. New York law is clear. Since your husband was hurt while he was working, he may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to have his medical costs covered. Of course, an insurance company may not simply pay the bills without contesting your husband’s claim and you may need to fight for a fair settlement. Additionally, if a third party was responsible for your husband’s Queens construction site head injury then a personal injury lawsuit may be the best option for his recovery.

You do not have to navigate the legal issues surrounding your husband’s Queens construction site head injury recovery alone. Instead, we encourage you to contact us today to at 800-362-9329 to find out more. You can also download our FREE brochure to learn more about your husband’s rights.