How to Recover From Bergen County Trenching Injuries

Lots of safety precautions were taken to prevent injuries while I was working a trenching job in Bergen County, but I was badly hurt. Can I still recover?

Yes. Your employer may have not only have taken lots of safety precautions, but we will even assume (for the moment) that your employer did everything right and there were no safety violations on your worksite. Your employer may have gone even further and put in protections that are not required in order to prevent trenching injuries.

You Can Still Recover

New Jersey workers’ compensation law does not require that fault be found with your employer in order for you to recover fair damages for your injuries. Instead, you will need to establish that you were hurt while you were working. If you were hurt while you were in a trench, for example, then you were likely hurt while you were working. The specific damages that you can recover depend on many factors, but may include compensation for all of your medical expenses and a portion of your lost income.

Are You Sure a Third Party Wasn’t Negligent?

In some cases, you may be entitled to additional damages. If a third party’s negligence led to your injuries then you may have the right to recover all of your lost income, damages for pain and suffering and other compensation for your losses.

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