I Am a New York Railroad Employee but I Have a Desk Job Does Fela Apply to Me if Im Injured on

I am a New York railroad employee, but I have a desk job. Does FELA apply to me if I'm injured on the job?
Yes, it is possible that the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) would apply even if you do not work directly on the railroad tracks or train cars. FELA generally applies to any railroad worker, who is injured on-the-job, and that definition may include office workers or others who are not performing the most dangerous jobs on the railroad but nevertheless suffer significant injuries that require medical care or time away from work.

In order to find out if FELA is potentially applicable to your railroad injury case, it is important to contact a New York FELA attorney as quickly as possible after you are hurt. An experienced New York FELA lawyer will talk to you about your job, your injury, your claim and your potential recovery.

Compensation for an injured railroad worker may include damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, future impairment of earning capacity, medical expenses and other damages.

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