I Made a Ladder at Work So I Could Reach the Area I Needed to on My New York Construction Site

I made a ladder at work so I could reach the area I needed to on my New York construction site. I was hurt because of the ladder’s faulty construction. Can I recover damages?

Yes, you may be able to recover damages if the ladder that you made at work was faulty and you were injured. Sometimes wooden ladders need to be made on the job. These are not commercially manufactured ladders; rather, they are devices pieced together out of necessity by workers on the construction site. They may enable workers to temporarily get to unreachable areas of the construction site—where stairs may be later installed, for example.

While these made-on-the-job construction ladders may be practical and useful, they may also be dangerous. A worker could fall, be electrocuted, or be otherwise injured, just as a worker could on a commercially manufactured ladder.

The fact that you were involved in the construction of the ladder is unlikely to make a difference when it comes to your recovery. Generally, New York workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance law that may allow you to recover damages for any injury that you sustain during the course of your work on a New York construction site.

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