I Was Told My on the Job Accident Was My Fault and I Was Written Up Who Will Pay My Medical Bill

I was told my on the job accident was my fault and I was written up. Who will pay my medical bills?
You should always consult an attorney who offers free consultations to determine if the accident actually was your fault or not. Railroad workers injured while working may be entitled to disability benefits administered through the United States Railroad Retirement Board. Your doctor and hospital bills can be paid by submitting them directly to your employer or to the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Plan whose benefits are administered by certain designated insurance companies, depending upon your location and railroad. The right to have these payments made does not depend upon your proving someone was negligent. In that respect, payment of these bills is "no-fault". The Plan also provides life insurance. Lastly, the Railroad Retirement System provides disability benefits for total disability and occupational disability which prevents you from working in the industry.