My Coworker Was Hurt Working on the Railroad Can I Participate in the Investigation of His Claim

My coworker was hurt working on the railroad. Can I participate in the investigation of his claim, or will it threaten my job?
The Federal Rail Safety Act gives railroad employees the right to participate in the investigation of coworker claims without fear of retaliation. Specifically, the law allows employees who are acting in good faith to participate in any investigation related to an alleged safety or security issue that may violate the law.

If your employer takes retaliatory action against your for participating in such an investigation, you may be entitled to damages. The Federal Rail Safety Act allows employees who have been retaliated against to be reinstated with the same seniority the employee would have had but for the retaliation; to collect any back pay, with interest; and to collect compensatory damages as appropriate.

If your coworker has been hurt on the railroad, then it is important that you take the steps necessary to make sure that a complete investigation is conducted, without fear that your employer will retaliate against you for your participation.

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