My Husband Was Killed in Port and Not on the High Seas if the Death on the High Seas Act

My husband was killed in port and not on the high seas. If the Death on the High Seas Act doesn’t apply to my family is there any reason to contact a New York maritime attorney?
We are saddened to hear of your loss and encourage you to contact an experienced New York maritime lawyer even if your loved one was not killed on the high seas. For purposes of the Death on the High Seas Act, the high seas are defined as three or more nautical miles from the coast. Of course, not all maritime fatalities occur three or more miles off shore, and it would not be fair for families who suffer such a loss to be excluded from a legal recovery. Thus, other maritime laws may apply to provide a recovery to families who do not qualify for relief pursuant to the Death on the High Seas Act.

Unfortunately, despite laws protecting families who have lost loved ones in maritime accidents, it is not always easy for families to get the relief that they deserve. An experienced New York maritime attorney may be able to help your family get a fair recovery. Additionally, a New York maritime accident lawyer will help you understand your legal rights.

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