Should I Talk to an Insurance Adjustor After My Slip and Fall Accident


Should I Talk to an Insurance Adjustor After My Slip and Fall Accident?

Many people who have been hurt in a New Jersey or New York fall find that it is helpful to have their slip and fall lawyers talk to the insurance adjustor on their behalf. Allowing a New York or New Jersey premises liability lawyer to handle all communication with an insurance adjustor can benefit you both financially and emotionally.

Here’s why. It is the insurance adjustor’s job to try to limit your financial recovery to the lowest possible amount. The insurance company profits by paying as little as possible to claimants. An experienced New York City fall lawyer understands the games that insurance adjustors often play to limit your recovery and refuses to play along. Your lawyer knows what your case is really worth and will fight for your full and fair recovery without you having to make sense of the insurance adjustor’s games.

Remember, it is not an insurance adjustor’s job to look out for your rights after you’ve been hurt in slip or trip and fall. New York and New Jersey fall injury lawyers will look out for your rights, however, and talk to the insurance adjustor so that you will not have to do it all by yourself.