What Is a Jones Act Vessel and Is the Answer Important to My Recovery


What is a Jones Act Vessel and is the Answer Important to My Recovery?

If you are trying to recover damages pursuant to the Jones Act, then the legal definition of a Jones Act vessel is going to be very important to your potential recovery. Only seamen who are hurt on certain types of vessels that qualify as Jones Act vessels will be entitled to recovery pursuant to that law.

The Jones Act defines a vessel as one that is designed for and being used for the transportation of passengers, cargo or equipment across navigable waters. The Jones Act dates back to 1920 when there were fewer types of vessels on the water. Clearly, the vessels that were meant to be included as vessels for Jones Act purposes include cargo boats, cruise ships and barges. However, there may still be a legal question about whether other types of newer structures such as floating casinos and airboats are considered vessels.

For more information about your potential Jones Act claims – and to determine whether your vessel is a Jones Act vessel – please contact an experienced New York City Jones Act lawyer. We will fight hard to get you just damages pursuant to the Jones Act, or any other applicable maritime law.