Will Contractor Adopt Nj Construction Accident Prevention Measures


How can I convince my construction contractor to adopt reasonable New Jersey construction accident prevention measures?


If you are working on a construction site and you are concerned about the lack of safety practices on your job site then you may find yourself in a difficult position. You want to keep your job and not create trouble for your employer, and you want to stay safe.

It Is Possible to Do Both

You can avoid a New Jersey construction accident and still be a good employee. One of the ways to accomplish both of these goals is to convince your employer that construction safety is in the construction company’s best interest. More specifically, you can convince your employer that it is cost effective to implement construction safety practices because of the possible significant costs associated with a construction accident, such as:

  • The costs of a worker’s injuries.
  • Delays on the job due to a worker’s injuries.
  • The costs of hiring replacement workers.
  • The costs of fixing any part of the construction damaged in the accident.
  • Paying any OSHA, state or local fines.

Thus, while there may be an upfront cost for safety equipment or training those costs should be considered an investment since it is likely less than the full cost of a New Jersey construction accident.

Call a New Jersey Construction Lawyer If You’ve Been Hurt

Not all construction accident injuries are preventable. If you have been hurt while working construction in New Jersey then we encourage you to contact an experienced New Jersey construction accident attorney today at 800-362-9329 and to read our FREE brochure, "Hurt in a Construction Accident? You’re Not Alone."