Make Sure Your Jones Act Claim Is Successful

If you are like most seamen who have been injured on the job, you simply cannot afford to lose your case. Most likely, your livelihood, supporting yourself and supporting your family depend on the compensation you receive from your Jones Act claim. But these claims are complex and difficult to win, and many injured workers who handle their own cases end up with drastically reduced or even denied claims, leaving them with nothing.

You have rights as an injured worker. Talk with an attorney from our firm, Hofmann & Schweitzer, to discuss what benefits are available to you under the Jones Act. Lawyers of our firm have been helping injured maritime workers since 1977, and we have a remarkably successful track record of verdicts and settlements for New York City clients throughout the five boroughs.

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Injuries At Sea ∙ Jones Act Claims

The Jones Act is similar to workers' compensation, except it is focused exclusively on covering seamen for injuries suffered while working on a seafaring vessel. To be considered a seaman under this act, you need to spend a significant amount of your work time on a vessel that is in navigation. If you qualify, you could receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.

There are numerous complications and nuances involved with these definitions and the Jones Act process. To add to the challenges, many employers, insurance companies and even "company doctors" will work to minimize the amount of compensation you receive. Our attorneys have the knowledge, experience and tenacity to make sure you get full compensation in your case.

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