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Why Knowing About Accident Prevention is Important to Your Scaffolding Accident Recovery

It might seem like a purely academic exercise to learn how your scaffolding accident could have been prevented after you have already suffered injuries, but learning how your accident might have been prevented could be important to your recovery. New York and New Jersey construction accident lawyers understand how knowing the legal requirements for prevention can help determine the cause of your scaffolding accident, and how that can be important to the determination of your damage award.

Common Scaffolding Accidents Can be Prevented
Many scaffolding accidents can be prevented by:

  • Use of proper fall-arrest systems
  • Use of guardrails
  • Respecting weight limits of scaffolding and not loading too much equipment or too many people onto the platform
  • Providing a net or canopy to catch things that fall from the scaffold
  • Barricading off an area under the scaffold
  • Completing regular safety checks to make sure that the scaffold meets all of OSHA's safety requirements

Collecting Damages for Scaffolding Accidents
If you've been hurt in a New Jersey or New York scaffolding accident then you may be entitled to damages. Damages can include compensation for medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering. Contact the experienced New Jersey and New York construction accident attorneys of Hofmann & Schweitzer to discuss the specifics of your case and your potential recovery if you've been hurt in a scaffolding accident.

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