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Three Ways to Increase Railroad Safety

New Jersey and New York railroad accident statistics provide valuable information about how to prevent future railroad injuries and fatalities for railroad workers, passengers, and others. For those who have already been injured, the New Jersey and New York railroad accident lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer provide legal representation. 

The Federal Railroad Administration Office of Safety Analysis publishes railroad accident statistics for each state and region. The statistics tell us where each accident occurred, what type of accident it was, and the cause of the accident, if known. The purpose of compiling the statistics is to improve safety for railroad workers, passengers, and others who might be involved in railroad accidents.

In 2009, there were more than 1,500 New Jersey and New York railroad accidents*. These statistics indicate that the following steps should be taken in order to lower the number of injuries and fatalities caused by New York and New Jersey railroad accidents:

Special consideration should be paid to highway crossings and trespassing incidents.

Decreasing the incidence of faulty equipment, track defects, and signal problems could reduce the number of railroad casualties.

Increased attention should be paid to the danger of human error. The causes of human error should be better investigated to determine whether there is a problem with training, distracted workers, or a lack of safety checks.

Statistics are only useful if we think about the individual lives affected by railway accidents, and the steps that we can take to improve safety.

If you've been hurt, or if you've lost a loved one in a New Jersey or New York railroad accident, New York lawyers may be able to help you collect the damages you deserve. Call Hofmann & Schweitzer today for a free consultation.

*Source: Federal Railroad Administration, Office of Safety Analysis, Accident/Incident Overview by State/Region 

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