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How to Recover From Injuries After a Fall on the Deck

If you are seaman who has suffered an injury after a fall on a deck, then you know how serious the consequences of your fall may be. You know the physical pain, emotional toll, and financial hardship caused by your injury, and with the help of aNew Jersey and New York maritime injury lawyer you can know how to recover.

Your Physical Recovery
Of course, the most important part of your recovery is your physical recovery. It is important to get prompt medical treatment from a qualified doctor. You are not required to see a company doctor; you may see any competent doctor you choose. Your doctor will advise you about the steps you need to take to ensure your recovery.

Your Financial Recovery
Federal maritime law may entitle you to damages for injuries related to your fall. Damages can include compensation for your medical bills and for your basic living expenses while you are unable to work. Additional damages may be awarded in some cases.

In order to recover damages, it is important to consult a New York and New Jersey maritime accident lawyer to discuss your case. 

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