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Why Signing Papers Without a Maritime Attorney is a Bad Idea

What you do, what you say, and what you sign in the days following a maritime accident can greatly affect your eventual legal recovery. As a maritime employee, it is important that you promptly report your accident to your employer in order to safeguard your rights. However, you are not obligated to sign papers without consulting with your New Jersey and New York maritime injury attorney.

Many maritime employers will try to get injured workers to sign papers as soon as the injury is reported. Often these papers contain fine print that limits the maritime employee's future right to financial recovery. Some employers will go as far as to tell employees that they will not be able to recover anything if they do not sign the papers presented to them.

That is simply not true.

Federal maritime law does not require you to sign anything prior to having your attorney review it, and our New York and New Jersey maritime accident lawyers suggest that you refrain from signing anything until your lawyer has reviewed it and advised you how to proceed.

Don't let the physical pain and financial hardship of a maritime accident be compounded by the tricky tactics of your employer. Protect your rights and contact a lawyer before you sign anything! 

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