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Survivors Equality Act: a February 2011 Update

In 2010, we reported that important changes to the Death on the High Seas Act were being considered by Congress. In the aftermath of the BP Gulf Oil spill crisis, it appeared that there was support for changes to the century old law that does not currently allow surviving family members to recover for pain and suffering or loss of care and companionship as other wrongful death laws allow.

Now, the proposed law seems to be stalled in the Senate and the law has not been changed.

What Changes Will 2011 Bring for Maritime Families?

While no action has been taken on the law yet, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont remains dedicated to pursuing changes and amending the law. Senator Leahy has explained that families of workers who die at sea should be entitled to the same benefits as the families of workers who die on land.

Our New Jersey and New York maritime accident lawyers will continue to monitor the progress of the Survivors Equality Act, also known as the Rockefeller-Leahy Amendment throughout 2011, and we hope to be able to provide some good news to the families of workers who are killed in maritime accidents

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