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3 Ways Your New York Railroad Employer Could Have Prevented Your Burn Injury

Railroad burn injuries, as with many other types of train injuries, may be prevented by railroad employers in some circumstances.

While not every burn injury is foreseeable, railroad employers may be able to reduce the likelihood of railroad burn injuries by:

  • Properly maintaining and inspecting equipment. Equipment that is in good working order may be less likely to overheat or catch fire.
  • Training employees about what to do in an explosion or fire. Explosions or fires require quick action by railroad employees so that serious burn injuries can be avoided by train workers and passengers. There may be little time to think of a plan of action in an emergency and thus, railroad workers should know what to do before an explosion or fire occurs.
  • Having emergency procedures in place if an explosion or fire occurs. The procedures should be clear and easy to follow for train workers facing an explosion or fire emergency that puts their lives, and others, in danger.

Contact a New York FELA Lawyer if You've Been Burned

If you have been hurt in a railroad fire or otherwise have suffered a burn injury while working on the railroad, then you may be entitled to damages. Please contact an experienced New York railroad attorney today for a free consultation. The experienced New York railroad lawyers of Hofmann & Schweitzer can be reached at our New York office at 212-465-8840, our New Jersey office at 908-393-5662 or Toll Free at 800-362-9329. You can also reach us via our online contact form.

Learn more about recovering from New York railroad burn injuries in our FREE Library article: How to Recover Damages After a New York Railroad Burn Injury.

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