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The Greatest Risks Facing Commercial Fishermen

Commercial fishing is dangerous - especially in certain parts of the country such as the Northeast. In order to make fishing as safe a vocation as possible, it is important to understand how fatal fishing accidents are likely to occur.

The CDC Reports on Fatal Fishing Accidents 2000 -2009
As a New York Jones Act attorney, I found the statistics compiled by the CDC to be interesting and important for maritime employers, fishermen and their families. Specifically, the CDC found that of the 504 people who died in commercial fishing accidents from 2000 - 2009*:

  • 261 people died in vessel disasters such as flooding, instability, struck by a large wave, collision, fire, equipment failure etc.
  • 155 people died in falls overboard because of trip or slip and fall accidents, lost balance, gear entanglement, jumps, being knocked by something or being washed over.
  • 51 people died from injuries onboard.
  • 19 people died in diving related accidents.
  • 18 people died performing on shore duties.

Call a New York Jones Act Lawyer if You've Been Hurt
If you are the survivor of one of these 504 fishermen or if you have survived a commercial fishing injury, then you may be entitled to damages for your losses or your injuries. Please call an experienced New York maritime injury attorney today at 1-800-3-MAY-DAY to find out more about your rights and your potential recovery after a commercial fishing accident.

*Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, Vol 59, No. 27, pages 842-845 July 16, 2010

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